Which type of gun is your favourite?

So as the title suggests which type of gun is your favourite?

  • Centre-fire Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Pistol / Revolver
  • Rim-fire Rifle
  • Other

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Comment below to tell us why.

I think most people will know that I bleed 12ga…

Centre-fire Rifle, not interested in pistols…never have been.

I picked centrefire but I am starting to develop a love for pistols but I don’t think it will beat the centrefire.
I think it is more a sense of satisfaction as you squeeze the trigger and hit a target 700+ yards away.

I’m lucky to shoot passed 100 metres around here, bouncing off to many trees. Usually at 50-60 metres. I never go to a range, can’t be stuffed.

That’s one of the good things about living in a state that is bigger than the rest with large areas on nothing :laughing::laughing:
I am only a 2 hour drive to one of the places that I shoot on that has large clay pans so you can set up a target range out to a couple of thousand yards. I have one that is virtually a permanent setup. There are is plenty of wild life to get as well.

See not everything is bad over here :innocent::innocent::sunglasses:

can you hunt horses, camels or donkeys? I want to plan a trip after one of them in the future.

No so many horses over here but we have plenty of camels and donkeys. They are further out than where I go, about a 12 hour drive to get in a good area. I use to work at Laverton and we would go out once or twice a month to drop some camels for pet meat.

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Yeah nice, I plan on avoiding the Soviet socialist republic of western Australia and trying to find somewhere closer, SA I’m guessing.
Did you ever try cooking some camel for yourself? I bought some camel salami a while back that was really nice, it was what got me interested in the idea.

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Yep we use to carve out s few steaks and we did the odd stew in the camp oven. It is nice if cooked properly, like all meat.
You are right to avoid our lot over here, especially if you want to bring something bigger than a 300 winny. They even get pissy about that.
You should be able to get some in the northern part of of SA and I doubt that you will have any problems with their boys in blue.

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I think we need to get onto some private property, I don’t think we can hunt public land in SA, but you’re right we can roll into south oz with whatever guns we like no permits or special permission needed like there would be if we came to visit you.

You don’t have an “all” button?

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Might be able to get onto the SA parks and wildlife or what ever they are called and they might give a permit to get camels in the parks or the deserts. Might be a long shot but worth the call.

I wish you all good luck with that. Hunting is only on private property with written permission or unalienated crown land in SA.

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Lol, sorry you gotta pick one.
I like all guns too, but the trusty scattergun is my fav.

yeah, that was my understanding, although what is “unalienated crown land”?

OK, under duress, and being just at this point in time, I have selected the revolver category. Reason being a revolver is just a really nice machine, and due to my collecting interest in small arms I find the vast variation in mechanical design and calibre choice of the mid to late 20th C fascinating, with my most recent acquisitions being an Italian M1889 Bodeo “other ranks” and a German M1879 Reichsrevolver. Tomorrow I might be back to Rolling Blocks!

Ironically, minus the word calibre that is the same reasoning for my love of shotguns.

My daughter votes “Rim-fire” :grinning:

I love them all. Excluding right tool for the job approach… Depends on my mood, I love them all :slight_smile: