What's your next gun?

I know a lot of purchase decisions are more or less spontaneous (me and 22s lol), but I also know that everyone has a wish list that they are quietly working through. I am thinking 1903A3 and Webley .455 is something I’d like next, how about you - what’s your “next gun”? I don’t mean an ambitious “on day before I die” goal, but realistically what are you eyeing as your next gun?

Want to give clays a go when freedom comes

35 whelen rem 7600.

A Spainish Destroyer Carbine if I can find one.

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As in buying one a 1873 Springfield Trapdoor in 45-70.

The other is building one, a custom chassis rifle in as yet undecided calibre, either in 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag.

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Im going to buy a Ruger Charger and kit out like some kind of vidya game “Call Of Counter Far Medal Cry Duty Strike Honour 6: Redux Electric Solar Boogaloo”


I’m thinking to get a lever 22 of some sort for plinking.

Haven’t decided if I want a lever release, or a cowboy style lever though. The Chiappa take down rifles look cool though.

You are putting Cz in the same boat at Chiappa?! Oh dear child.

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CZ would be nicer, but also out of what I’m wanting to spend. I was thinking Savage A22R.

Though, I do have a proper job now.



Okay, I bought a 458 Socom bolt gun. Because it was there.


Nice one!! That should make some cool holes :smiley:

quiet, subsonic, 600gn holes.

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Well that’s just three kinds of goodness all rolled into one. Come on details details?


Comment: Custom 458 Socom: built on an Ultimatum U300 action, fluted bolt, 16” Swan barrel, fluted, threaded and capped with 3/4X24TPI, 1-14 twist, ceracoated, Triggertech trigger, tang safety, bedded and floated, magpul bottom metal, AICS bottom metal, 10 shot mag, Boyd’s laminated stock, does and 50+ cases, built by Ignition Custom Engineering. Buyer to pay postage. Please ask for more photos via text message.

Ive had 458 socom in 7600 pumpy in the past. Fun little round from those teppu jutsu guys.


Im going to ask my ISP to block usedguns from all my devices.


That’s noice!!!

I’m looking at getting either a ruger mk 4 hunter stainless or the volquartsen black mumba, I am trying to convince myself that the volquartsen is worth the extra $$$$.
If anyone here has had either, I would love to hear what you think about it.

I’ve owned MkIV in the past and I’ve shot Volquartsen (believe it was Scorpion). The Volquartsen has an amazing trigger. By far a lot better than stock MkIV, however! With better trigger (which I had) I’d say it’s in the same boat, not 100%, but maybe really really close. I just had a trigger, but I believe there are a lot more parts you can get to upgrade (which let’s be honest Volquartsen is, just an upgraded mod). @1Fatman will have a lot more to say on the Hunter model, maybe start a new thread for that.

Ruger however is a bit, as they say, agricultural. You can see machine marks of the bolt. Some things are just not as refined to look at and not as polished as you’d expect on a premium gun. But in terms of accuracy, reliability and function I highly doubt you’d be ‘outshot’ by Volquartsen.

Thanks for the info.
I think I will go for the volquartsen.