What's wrong with a .30-06?


Been around for over a hundred years, originally used by the military and still going strong. Recoil is manageable, lot’s of different bullet weights available for it. Ammo is plentiful in Australia and is a very popular deer hunting caliber. Nothing but respect for it.

I agree 100%, Its one of the best all round calibres there is. @Oldbloke shoots everything from foxes to sambar with his. capable of shooting long (1000m ) range with heavy pills or plinking with reduced loads.

Absolutely nothing at all wrong with the 30-06.
A very fine chambering indeed.

Carlos Hathcock, US marine sniper used to use a Winchester Model 70 .30-06 in the Vietnam war for his kills. What a shit of a job that would have been, seriously. But for deer they are a perfect match.

Yep, but I suspect just a tad over guned for foxes. :confounded:

Was that a question or a statement? Sure, nothing wrong with it, but what’s the baseline of wrong? Ballistics? Muzzle velocity? Weight of gun? Weight of ammo?

Need a baseline to compare against. Otherwise it’s like saying, there’s nothing wrong with Soviet built Lada, while everyone else are driving Land Cruisers.

Whaaa? No such thing!

It’ll put a good hole in anything ya gonna shoot in this country out to good distance :grinning::beers:

There’s nothing wrong with the .30-06. I don’t get into ballistics and all that crap. It just goes fast, hits hard and is accurate in all bullet weights. Except for maybe the Remington Accelerator that was out many years ago. I never go to a range and check speeds, just sight it in…in the bush and go for it.


A man after my own heart :sunglasses:

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I didn’t say there was anything wrong with it. I said, how do you know there isn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Well given that is been used for over 100 years and is still going strong means that it is pretty good all round caliber. It’s not a .50 caliber nor a .204, it’s just the good old .30-06. Sambar deer hate it.

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So, how much real world advantage over the 308win?
I know i can reference data and compare but what does it all mean on the ground?

It hits harder than a .308, it’s just a classic hard hitting caliber…and I like it. I’ve used .308’s before in the army, L1A1 SLR, just at the end of the Vietnam war. They’re alright, just prefer the .30-06.

Advantage comes with the ability to shoot much heavier bullets, makes the very flexible 30 cal more flexible n stuff!

What about 300wm then?

More of everything above!

A .300WM doesn’t do much more than a .30-06 will do…less recoil with the .30-06 too.

Can carry more .308 more ammo = good @sungazer knows this :joy:

On that note, short action vs long action, .308 feeds better in semi’s and machine guns not that is matters to us peasants

308 is life.

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