What's happening with transportation?

Wo what’s happening with transportation? Chaos, and then silence. Obviously the industry didn’t come to a complete stop… So… What’s happening?

It did in Brisbane this morning including all the peak hour traffic!

I understand the need to protest but they need to find a better way to do it instead of pissing everyone off in peak hour traffic.

I mean, more in terms of currier companies stopping transportation of ammo and firearms.


There’s smaller outfits in the capitals who can handle deliveries there (and sometimes within that state), but the larger issue is rural areas and interstate. We’re still talking to industry to find out how it’s affecting them; the lockdowns in NSW and Victoria are slowing demand considerably too.

Random thought…

So I wonder, is it really the transport companies that magically went ‘woke’? Because that’s a super big payday they are leaving on the table, according to some. Or is it something more nuanced, like the insurance premiums jumping after firearms were stolen (stolen pallet containing firearms - Law & Politics - Oz Gun Lobby)? Timeline seems to line up with end of financial year rate renewals (perhaps?). In which case, a decision was made to exit that market, because it was no longer viable. So wouldn’t it be more productive to work with the government and underwriters on the transportation of DG reforms, rather than the end business that had no choice?

I think if that were the case they’d just pass on the extra cost of the insurance to the end user, they could either spread it across the board or specifically target gun related freight with higher costs, then their bottom line wins regardless.
I think it’s more just bowing to pressure and following suit from companies like DHL who stopped delivering gun related stuff internationally quite a while ago.

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The ABC has put an article about the situation out. The people interviewed raised a really good point about how there’s safety risks with the farmers doing huge ammo runs, as well as stockpiling large amounts of ammo at home.


’ stockpiling large amounts of ammo ’ they obviously have no idea what’s going on out in the suburbs these days :joy: I’ve seen some shit and not nessesarily just from members here either