stolen pallet containing firearms

The Firearms Bulletin (Victoria Police - Regulatory Services Department) Volume 1, Tuesday 06 April 2021 - SSAA Victoria

As information comes to light regarding a stolen pallet containing firearms, which was stored at a logistics facility in Melbourne’s South-East, there are rising concerns about firearm theft.
LRD would like to reiterate that community safety is the main priority and the safe handling of guns is vital to this objective. We ask that Dealers and Exporters understand their responsibility when transporting firearms and the care that needs to be taken when leaving firearms with logistics centres.

Oh my…

Get ready for the blame game…

Some of the boys at the State titles were telling me the pallet had both rifles AND pistols on board, several hundred guns.

That’s definitely not good. Although, with the state of surveillance I’d imagine it would be a pretty freaking hard disappearing act to perform. Cameras would pick something up, not like you can walk out with a pallet in your pocket.

This is scary.

It’s going to mean far stricter conditions for transporting firearms commercially, in turn will make shipping costs higher.

My dealer advised me to always get any firearms I buy shipped to him on a Monday. That way they are in transit at all times and not left in a depot over the weekend.

My local had a rifle they sent disappear in transit several years ago, it was knocked off by a worker in an Australia Post sorting centre, The gun was stashed on site to be collected later but he got busted as he was one of only a couple of people who had a key to the room it was stashed in lol.
It was only noticed because my lgs notified them of the missing gun and in the end called the cops on Aust Post as they weren’t treating it seriously. Cops raided the centre and found the gun & worked out who took it. The bloke got an all paid holiday for several years for it i believe.

Maybe it was Jeff Epstein