What sort of cleaning patches are the best

At present and always I’ve used ‘‘chux’’ cut into strips but I bought some new ones and when using cleaning agent in the barrel I found that the strips were slimy I’ve since found out they spray all chux with some kind of liquid to hold then together. When the slime dries out it’s real tacky I thought I had problems with my 7mm and the 22-250 barrels as they felt like some one had sand blasted the rifling that’s how rough it was so I wet a piece of singlet with solvent and wiped out the barrel and all this slimy gunk came out so I cleaned both out properly with strips of singlet now my question as I’ve never used patches ''What is the best patches to buy and are the patches bought for individual calibers ie different sizes for different caliber

Depends @anon19591382

In general, cotton or flannel are the best. If you search eBay they are sold in 500 and 1000 bags.

Personally, there is no way in hell I would cut them out by had with scissors. I clean properly and go through a lot of patches in one session when barrel is getting a proper clean. Cutting them out by hand is just not worth my time.

That said, I DIY patches these days, more details here (below), think you’ll find it exactly what you’re after:

Yeah JS that gadget looks great but I don’t think i’d need lots at a time so i’ll probably just buy patches already made slight laziness on my part I think getting too old but mate did you have a go to patch when you were using them ? I see somewhere not to use nylon wool ones but to use flannel ones or cotton ones I need them for both my work guns 7mag and 2x22-250 the other question do they come in different sizes for diff calibers ? thanks for the reply

Absolutely. I still buy 223 patches. eBay and search for “cleaning patches”. You’ll find bunch in different calibres. I suppose, just calculate how much it is per patch and buy the cheapest. I have no complaints from eBay stuff.

Ok then thanks for your help mate cheers

What do you mean, here?

I may have read you wrong but I thought you used patches before cutting your own and was wondering if you had a special brand or type you liked ie flannel or cotton

Yeah nah I did read you wrong sorry mate it was a video you watched i’m too feken old

Before I started cutting them, I just bought them from eBay. eBay patches are cotton. Calculated price per patch, then bought the cheapest. All seem very good.

Thanks again JS for your help mate i’ll find my way around and find some and order some thanks again