Just hit rock bottom (cutting my own patches)

So yeah… I much rather pay, than spend hours cutting shit like some sort of schizophrenic. I’m too lazy to cut things with scissors and I don’t think a guillotine is fast or big enough. But! I Watched some video on YouTube and some dude was using a roller cutter. I thought, yep, this is it!

Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ld6eKL-R7Zw

So I went shopping:

Self-healing cutting mat (size: A1)

eBay: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/A1-Thick-5-Ply-Self-Healing-Craft-Cutting-Mat-2-Side-Print-Scrapbooking-Quilting/142573694492
$26.99, free shipping

Rotary cutter + blades

eBay: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/45mm-Rotary-Cutter-Quilters-Sewing-Quilting-Fabric-Cut-10-Rotary-Cutter-Blades/332592215448
$13.48, free shipping

Walked in (right next to Bunnings, lol) with intent to buy flannel material that’s pretty much the best material to make patches out of, I think. $9 per meter seemed to be the cheapest, but then I found the clearance section and picked up what I wanted there.

3m x 1m flannel material for $9 total

This brings us to a grand total of: $49.47

I had a bunch of old shirts that I were destined for rags, sort of thick cotton with some textured feel to it (i.e. abrasive), which is also excellent for patches. So I started with that, to get a feel for the process.

Photo above:

  • Blue patches is what I have from old shirts
  • Pinata Mexican donkey pattern material… That’s the flannel
  • Cutter
  • White pacth with 45 - purchased
  • Colourful patch - mine
  • Two bags are 45 and 30 cal patches

Re: Spotlight material. This gives me roughly 833 patches (realistically 800 with mistakes, etc.), if I was to go with 45 calibre size for all of them. Although a mistake is just a smaller patch, which I will still use, just in a different bore.

Anyhow this is like 1c per patch. Less if I am cutting 30 calibre or something else. Compared to pre-cut purchased 45 cal. patches, that work out to about 7c per patch.

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it is. First, 45 cal. patch is really versatile. Works well in a lot of rifles above 7.62, so I use them quite a bit. And it’s not uncommon to use 15 - 20 - heaps more! Patches for a very good clean on an old bore (or a very good clean on a new bore). That’s like $0.20 vs $1.40. Considering I use them a lot – winning!

Bonus round:
Old t-shirts and shirts are now becoming patches :slight_smile:

We want pics. Yeah, pics or it never happened!

yes some of us other low lifes who use lots of patches that cut them with scissors would like to see this new wizz bang tech stuff

I’ll update the main post. Give me few minutes.

@GUN-DMC @sungazer here ya go, main post updated.

By the way, in the video the guy is using a specific ruler to cut things. I tried using an aluminium strip I had, but it was too thick and offered too much resistance. I took a pencil, added grid lines and did it free hand at the end, takes a little to get used to doing it freehand, but I think I will get that ruler.

I’m too scabby to spend money on patches, old sheets and shirts and a pair of scissors. No need for guide lines, cut patch to suit job at the time, all just as quick and easy. I used to use round patches cut with a hole punch, for cleaning and muzzle loading, but even that has given way to just grabbing the scissors, Cheers.

Yeah, nah.

Takes me a few seconds to cut enough patches for a cleaning session.

Each to their own I guess.

I have never paid for patches. Too tight I guess. :wink:

Time vs Effort. I don’t have time. Although, now, I’m not paying either :slight_smile:

12g patches, scissors, any size patch I need. I couldn’t even tell you what a packet of patches cost. Lasts me a year or so.

I understand what you guys are saying. You’re all wrong, but I understand what you are saying.

There is enough donkey pinata material there for a snappy set of Jimmy jams. But you probably have a set already.


Damn straight I do.