What realistic things would you like to see us focus on this year?

We’re finalising our 2020 strategy and have some strong items on the agenda, but would like to hear from our members and friends about what sort of things you’d like us to work on this year.

It needs to be realistic, so that means no “Campaign to get Cat Ds back” or anything like that.

Obviously we’d like Cat Ds back as much as everyone else, but it’s just not politically viable at the moment and any serious attempt to get them back will be screeched down by the antis and their scaremongering friends on social media and in certain media outlets, causing all sorts of headaches and potentially derailing productive things we’re working on that could be achieved.

With that in mind, what sort of things would you like to see us put on our agenda for the year?

Supressors / sound moderators for the sake of our hearing and to not scare game.


In my opinion, the more you guys do to get your name out there means more members and so more clout and that’s a good thing. Advertising and merchandise would be the best ways to do this.

Long term, I want to see more effort being put into encouraging young people to get into shooting. As in young people who don’t have a parent who shoots. The only way we get anything/prevent the government taking more is to build our numbers and normalise guns and gun ownership to more people. I think partnerships between schools and local shooting organisations would be a great way to do this but I’m sure you guys can think of a larger strategy.

I would like to see a Victorian branch become a thing too. I know this is in the works.


Somewhat care about

  • Victorian branch.

Wish list

  • Suppressors.
  • Semi 22LR.
  • Open your own shooting range or lease facilities for some days.


Campaign to fund via importers, gun shops and manufacturers to run professional, public, tasteful marketing campaigns outside of the echo chamber. Specifically to introduce non-shooters to the sport, from sporting shooting to outdoor/hunting.


Or disturb others.

Unite the Clans.

There are some solid and useful suggestions here guys, plus a few things I already have on my list. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I’ll be in a position to say more soon :slight_smile:

Soon… Soon. Lol


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“Soon” as in “Within the next fortnight, hopefully” :slight_smile:

I just wanted to use the pic :slight_smile:

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Agreed!! Such a common sense & practical bit of kit to have, but they’re portrayed to be evil just like semi autos out there in the community. God forbid if you get caught with one these days, you’d be lucky not to end up in jail.
Needs to be sorted.

Yeah, they could even be serial numbered and registered to prevent them ending up in criminal hands, even though we know that all the Hollywood b.s. is just that b.s. but it might grease the tard wheels a bit.


Id even be willing to have to make supressors “integral by paperwork” as in it can be removed physically for cleaning and what not, but can never be sold seperately, only as part of the complete firearm.

Again, pointless in reality but might as someone said “grease the tards”.

I would like to see a more uniform set of gun laws between the state’s not like the mixed/mashed set that we have.
It would be good to be able to travel from state to state and not have to relearn a whole new set of rules.


Guns in WA without the draconial laws would be reeeaaal nice says me who has yet to squeeze a trigger in this state!

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I ‘need’ a sound moderator for my shooting. particularly as a primary producer. Its got to happen. How were they ever banned in the first place?
Access to state forrest in WA would be useful.
A less convoluted licensing process.


I really, really, really don’t like it when there’s a division. I could present a case against, just as easily. There’s no “particularly as”. It’s there for health benefit of all shooters, thats it. There should be no, ‘because I’m more entitled than someone else’.

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I need one particularly as i’m a person who has ears, that’s the only argument to raise, the “because i’m special” thing just shits me up the wall and really only weakens any positive case for sound moderators because it allows room for the assumption that there’s some reason why other people shouldn’t have them.
Every LAFO should be entitled to them as they present no danger and are equally beneficial to everyone across the board.

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