What realistic things would you like to see us focus on this year?


One thing to keep in mind is there’s some stuff when it comes to guns that people are just irrationally opposed to and pretty much nothing any of us can say or do will likely change that (that won’t stop us trying, though!)

It’s no secret we’re actively working to get rid of registration for Cat A, B and C firearms but we’re up against a massive, massive culturally entrenched thing where people in Australia, almost at a genetic level, feel deep within the very essence of their being that Guns Should Be Registered.

No amount of evidence that it doesn’t achieve anything, doesn’t solve crimes, is a giant WOFTAM etc will change their minds

For the record, we believe suppressors should be available to all licensed shooters - not just primary producers - but the case for their legalisation needs to start somewhere and farmers having them is palatable to the general public - the same general public who genuinely think if the rest of us get them tomorrow, we’re all going to turn into John Wick.

Basically, we have to start somewhere, and getting suppressors for primary producers is the best place to start.

Yeah but nah. Often in the NT, the government of the day does what it pleases using the phrase “To bring us into line with the other states”. This has meant

Introduction of demerit points
Removal of open speed limits
Increases in traffic offence penalties
Introduction of parking meters

These are just the ones I can recall off the top of my head Politicians specifically stating ‘To bring us into line with the states.’

Still waiting for
Removal of $72 Purchase Permit fee
Removal of 28 day waiting period for subsequent firearm purchase
Introduction of online B709 and Permit acquisition
Being able to sell grog on Sunday

You know, to ‘bring us in to line’ with the other states.

Yeah but you gotta think like a filthy lawyer and a stupid jury: People relate to to things. “Particularly as a farmer…” gives inroads to Work Place Health and Safety and all that. I agree with your point.

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Suppressor access is absolute top of my wish list. I disagree that getting access for primary producers is the place to start. Primary producers have access to Cat C, but I can’t see much movement towards the rest of us getting back our access to them. Based on that alone, I think your approach needs to be reconsidered.

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I understand what you’re saying here, but i completely disagree and the proof is in the pudding, when it comes to certain firearms which have been available for primary producers now for many years, not one has made it’s way back to being available for the rest of the shooting fraternity.
If you’re going to fight then FIGHT, don’t pussy around for half measures and hollow victories just you can pat yourself on the back. Kick the fucking shit out of them and have a proper win!!! When is the last time we can say we had one of those for shooters?

Oh and when i say “you” i don’t mean you personally, i’m referring the entity who would take this on.

Clearly you don’t read our newsletters/Facebook/etc since we’ve had a few lately, including QLD Weapons Licensing undertaking a massive overhaul of how collector permits to acquire are done, and a QCAT decision (which we helped with legal funding for) ruling that primary producers in QLD are entitled to a handgun licence for occupational reasons. :slight_smile:

One big challenge is some of the stuff we want requires changing actual legislation - ie, it has to be voted on in Parliament, and that’s when things get challenging as Sam Lee & Co invariably end up in the media screeching about Watering Down Muh Gun Lawz - look what happened in Tasmania.

The problem with the “all or nothing” approach to things is we’re more like to get “nothing” than “all”, so trying to tackle an issue in that way has to be very carefully handled

Incidentally, Cat C shotguns are available for competition use in WA but there seems to be some state-wide agreement not to talk about it to anyone from the Eastern states.

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Also to note is that the majority of the shooting done on farms is not done by the primary producer him/her/zeeself But it actually done by recreational shooters on their behalf.


What I was referring more towards is to bring the WA gun laws in line with other states.
I would love to pay $10 for a PTA or even your $72 for a permit, we pay $185.
Would love to have a nice usable collection of shoties like @bentaz or even .22 's like @juststarting but it is not as easy to get 2 or more of the same calibre as other states.
We ( in little Russia ) have to justify why you need more than one of the same calibre or even a close calibre. If you have a .308 and want a 30-06, you can go in and buy it, we get the "why do you need a 30-06? Why won’t the .308 do the same job?


That is bad, I’m sure glad the NT government picked the other states to fall in line with!

See this is the problem. I’m worried that if we kick up a stink here in Victoria, the Greens (and others) will turn around and say “actually, you have a good point, the states aren’t in synch on this, so let’s align everyone with WA. And while we’re at it, it is silly that you can’t have pump actions but can have lever actions, we better ban both in the name of consistency”.


Some action on the stong hold SSAA has over pistol owners for memberships and money they squeeze out of everyone.
A move to make more clubs not ssaa and indepenent or S.U.
Two memberships every year just so I can use the local range.

Hi Roger, welcome aboard. I think you will find that 99% of people agree with you. However, SSAA is not the only Melbourne (since I know Melbourne) handgun club, also I am guessing regional VIC would have a few that share your opinion. In fact I would say, it’s only one (or 2) of many, where the ‘many’ are VAPA members and have nothing to do with SSAA. If you would like more info, drop me a PM or maybe start a new thread in Handgun or Sports categories. I think this is more the question of marketing and smaller clubs not interested in being cash cows (so less marketing), but there are a lot out there.

Actually, I think this is an awesome topic to start, because so many people (including me, until I learnt) think SSAA is the only player here. In fact, they are the minority and we should broadcast it a bit more.

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So who are in qld non ssaa associations?
Would be more the happy to give SSAA the big A.
And save a couple hundred a year

We have a Pistol Section in Queensland. There are also several independent pistol shooting clubs around too, some of whom we are on friendly terms with. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see pistol shooting on private property and handgun hunting.


G’day Roger, welcome mate.
I’m with SU for both Rifle and pistol and still with ssaa for rifle (until it runs out this year) I’ve got an SU affiliated/friendly club i go to do my required shoots or just a quick bit of bang therapy as its so close, I might add it has absolutely no wankers or bad RO attitudes like a couple of ssaa ones i’ve been to. And if i feel like shooting anywhere else i just pay their non member range fees. It works great for me and i have several pistol ranges i use for different reasons.
IMO once you’ve stepped away from ssaa clubs/ranges you can really see just how money driven ssaa are in comparison, well i did anyway.

@ShootersUnion do you run your own ranges along the lines of what the SSAA do?

Not at the moment, but our membership is only $35 a year. We are looking into it, since we get asked about it a lot, but we’d really prefer a sort of affiliation arrangement with an existing club - ie, they get to keep being their own club, but SUA members can shoot there with the same priviliges etc as the club’s own members, albeit with a higher range fee.

If anyone knows of a club that’s genuinely amenable to that, we’d love to talk to them :slight_smile:

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