What press and tools do you use for 12g shotgun reloading?

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I’d like to know about the presses and tools and processes and materials you guys use for reloading shotgun shells, whether you use new hulls or not. What shot you use, why you use it etc…
They’ve started shooting scatterguns at my pistol club and I want in on the action.

This is the press I use mate.
The rest depends on what you want to shoot with it, shotgun is pretty versatile.
Clay loads can’t really be reloaded as cheap as you can buy them.
Are you gunna load slugs and buckshot? You’ll need to cast your own.
I’ll dig up some more old threads for you to read.

So…you’re saying I should learn to use the search function. Gotcha!

But yeah its looking like buckshot.

Na mate, I’m happy to help with any specific info you’d like, but here’s some general stuff to get you started.
I thought it’d be easier to cut n past a thread than tell you about my press and those were the threads I remembered.

Sounds like a buckshot mold is on the cards then. Castingfor the shotgun is basic compared to what other guys do for rifles.