What is the biggest calibre you guys own or have shot?

Any of you guys in to big bore rifles? If so what do shoot?

A lot of us have shot a 50 cal or two thanks to a friend on here that has lots of those big boys toys to play with. Not really my thing. Might be ok shooting it from a bench but shooting prone the debris blown back in your face mouth nose is not very appealing.

Most regulars here have sent a fiddy down range at some stage :slight_smile: But I guess hold my beer moment is coming when ex grunts start posting here lol

love my 458 lott just loaded some woodleigh hydrostatic bullets

I have shot my mates 500 nitro express that certainly rattles your head…lol

I would looooooooove to pull a trigger on 500 NE mmmmmmmmm. I recon an alternative question could be, what is the largest (though arguably) calibre you own. Which would be 45-70 for me or .32cal on my Steyr M95, depends how you look at it. Unless you count shotgun slugs, then you know - there’s that.

Those 458’s though, look authoritative.

Those 458 rounds are devasting…also I am very surprised how accurate they shoot I shoot a sauer 202 in 458 lott very happy with the rifle …I shot this 5 shot group at 100 yards

I have not fired any hand held rifle bigger than .50, .72 if you count 12g slugs. I have however touched off a 37mm BP cannon which was quite awesome.


Wow the 37mm bp would have been quite a experiance :smiley:

Plenty of smoke, concussion and recoil. Twas most excellent.

Have shot a .70 calibre black powder rifle which was an experience and own for now anyway a 500 S&W Mag :smiley:

Still waiting :slight_smile:

Biggest rifle I (Royce the media guy) have fired is a .505 Gibbs. Between the slug and the shockwave, I’d say it could probably put a dinosaur down if you found yourself in some kind of Jurassic Park or time-travel mishap.

The biggest I have shot is a .416 Rigby that my friendly gunsmith owns. Other than that a .460 Rem, bigger in calibre but smaller case lol.

That’s about all we of the never never can own though there are a few. 50 calls floating around.

Ignoring 12g slugs and black powder (my snider bore is about .600”) biggest I’ve got is 375 H&h and biggest I’ve shot is 416 Ruger

I own a couple 50’s, 1 for hunting feral cats and the other for range duties. I’ve shot a fuck tonne of BMG cause it’s fun and great for clearing the sinus’s :slight_smile: Shot plenty of 50AE & 500 S&W pistol as well. On the agenda for this year is a 40mm BP canon, hopefully in time for September.


Ive shot a shit ton of 105mm in a L119 and the old M2A2 howitzers. I’ve shot @Brett s .bmg, @AusTac s 500 s&w and @juststarting s 577 snider. I have loaded and shot slug loads that split the fore end on the shotgun, I’ve got a rifled 12ga and a .64 cal musket and and a .58 muzzle loader but I haven’t shot that yet. Oh and I’ve put a bunch of rounds through my mates 500 nitro.
…Yeah I’m compensating for something :roll_eyes:
I seem to have a pretty good shoulder for these things but the last couple of years it’s getting harder to shoot big guns due to arthritis in my hands, very annoyingly mostly in the knuckles of my trigger finger.


Only a 458wm

416 Ruger.
50cal in Black Powder.

Only a .338 winchester magnum.