What action for rifle build

I would like to do a rifle build before going to the happy hunting ground :grin: so what suggestions do you have on the best action for this build . I would be looking for a caliber between 25-06 and 300 it will be my favorite rifle hopefully . I want an accurate and reliable rifle ,weight won’t be a problem as most of my shooting will be done from a vehicle or fixed position , it’ll be a labour of love for me ,bit like a new car to some people but also my go to rifle . it’s gonna take time because i’m on a pension but the mrs is behind me so that’s a good start. I was going to rebuild a Mauser werke 2000 30-06 but I’ve found out it’s not worth it because they were made by ‘‘Heym’’ in America under contract and made cheaply hard to get parts and expensive when you can . getting a stock made was almost twice as much as a standard brand so i’ll start from scratch. it will be my forever rifle one I’ve always wanted but never got and one you couldn’t buy from a shelf so thanks in advance for any info :thinking:

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Get a rifle with a standardised footprint.
One that fits in rem 700 stocks etc.

Quality components, it all comes down to budget. This segment you will always get huge purchaser bias.

Who you choose is not overly important. It’s more ‘what’ you choose.
Can you source reloading components easily for your chosen calibre.
Can it fit an off the shelf stock or will it need to be custom fitted.
How far will you realistically shoot said rifle.
How large an animal?
Be honest about your requirements and it will answer most of your questions.

Build a cannon.


Supaduke mate ,yes that’s exactly what I’ve gotta decide as far as animals well its from wild dogs to wild cattle so if i’m not careful i’ll be over gunned or under gunned and stocks are a problem as I’ve found out with the 7mag sako but at the moment i’ll settle for a good strong reliable action that definitely will take a standard or easy to fit stock then i’ll take my time to build and hopefully get it right with some info help. thanks for you help mate

JizzFlinger ‘‘A CANNON’’! do you have any idea how expensive that is to reload or fit a stock ? ;;WAY’’ too much recoil for my old shoulder

Im perplexed. Didnt u recently re-build a 7mm Rem mag. Surly that would cover all your needs

There was a ruger no.1 action on line the other day.

Nah Oldbloke I bought a new sako roughtech range in 7mm rem mag and the stock is a piece of junk , its too flexible and too thin so I decided to change the stock and what a nightmare to find or get one built . it does shoot v/well though . so after 7mths of chasing a stock and bits for no results I’ve decided to try and build another rifle one to suit me, built from a common brand and easy to get aftermarket bits for’ The only other rifle I started to build was an old 30-06 mauser werke sporter built by Heym in America under contract but I fixed all the stock that had cracked then sent it to a gunsmith and he said it wasn’t worth building on the action as they weren’t as strong as the original mauser action also it needed work to get it up to scratch and the floor plate was made of soft stuff and I couldn’t get another one made from steel. also the bolt had a bad ring etched around the firing pin hole probably from leaking primers that needed fixing , so long story short its also a piece of junk and now i’m looking at obtaining an action ,second hand if need be ,then slowly build a one and only last rifle for myself

this is how sloppy the forend is , you can open it to 1/4’’ and close it to touch the barrel

I think budget is the biggest thing to decide first. There are great actions made by Bat and Borden and quite a few other Remington clones that claim to be better but would set you back about $1700. I dont think these actions are really that much better or value for money I should say. (Not the first two they are top class) Personally I would go for the Barnard small that has the magazine cutout. It is also a Remington or very close footprint. They are very good actions and will last a lifetime or three and never have any problems.

Yeah sungazer but I want the one and only rifle for me my budget will be tight but I may have to part with a few rifles to fund it if need be . I do want to keep the 7mag but I don’t like the stock it’s just sloppy and flat basic I’ve been in touch with Berretta and I may as write to the pope, I’ve tried to find a stock that’ll fit but nothing .all the underneath has been changed from the early sako’s. it’s been 7mths or so trying to find stuff for it and i’m out of puff so maybe a build would be better . You know you can buy anything within reason for Howa, Rem, Savage and other standard brands but sako or mauser - werke nothing . I sent the 7mm away to have the stock looked at and instead of 6weeks it took 3-4mths and got damaged in transit or at the shop so I won’t be sending it anywhere soon again

Have you investigated cementing a length aluminium into the for end to stiffen it? Ive just heard it mentioned somewhere?

No mate not yet . it was mentioned to me that to drill 2 holes full length of the forend and insert rods and epoxy them in but have been trying to get another stock but it’s bloody hard as they’ve changed the tang and under area on this model’


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