Wattle Grove Gun Shop

Anyone know what happened to the gunshop at Wattle Grove in Gympie?

Their website has dropped anything to do with the gunshop but the range is still operating and they aren’t advertising on Used Guns anymore.

Shit. They were very good for difficult to find milsurp stuff.

Is that the deaf guy who cuts up all the cool old guns then lists them on line?
If so I think they were preparing a special place in hell for him, I guess it was ready…


I thought they were just importing parts from the US and Europe. I spoke to them via email once about a Carcano part and they mentioned they were waiting for a shipment to come in from overseas.

Issues with licensing afaik. Not trading until issues are sorted out.

I don’t think that they would want him down there, they are not that evil.

Yep they were the gun wrecking yard from up Gympie way.

Even LRD decided enough was enough…

Very pricey though, last I checked…

Yeah that’s dumb. Cant go chopping pieces of history up. I want to build a .357 magnum martini, but I will only convert a martini that has a rooted barrel, and the rifle will appear as a 310, other than the .357 stamping on the barrel. I have an original. 310 that’s staying that way too!

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Not saying it’s the same person, BUT, some of same products I’ve bought from Wattle Grove.
And maybe relocated home/business? Although this advertiser is not using a dealer licence #.

The link only takes one to the abusedguns home page…@oldAG

I have just checked the link and it takes me (should be you too) to all listings from that vendor.

Takes me to that sellers listings, and from the orange dots on a couple of items i’d say it’s Wattle Grove.

Same with me. Just the home page. Maybe because I’m on mobile?

Yes I’m on mobile…maybe…

Try this if you’re on mobile. Just changed the link to m from www

His parting out of old milsurps (if that’s the case) may upset some of you, but Wattle Grove is the best range (attitude wise) i’ve ever been too, and he and his Mrs are the most non Fudd people who are pro any type of gun and any type shooting across the board, whether it appeals to them personally or not. They are also very anti all the usual bullshit that goes on within ranges & clubs.
So milsurp killer or not, they are stand up people in my book.


Did work. Thanks for that.

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After some Google research I think he has more than licensing issues, not sure he will be back as a dealer anytime soon.