WA voting history?

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You guys all work in the resources industry in one way or another I believe, as does a big percentage of the state.
Question: do the majority of your (non-shooting) coworkers vote Labour and that’s why those co€ks dominate the politics?

Was it a Labour state when these strict north Korean, I’m guessing 1996 laws came in? I know we always bang on about the left trying to kill our sport, but it’s usually been a liberal government that’s succeeded. Think 1996, Adler-gate etc.

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I don’t really discuss politics to much at work but on the odd occasion i have i’ve always been on the wrong side and way out of my depth, i barely understand the concepts when you really get down to it. I couldn’t have given a toss about politics before i owned guns and my understanding and interest has risen maybe a notch since, but in my point of view for the " Peel " region where i vote in, we had this werid young greenie dude or a seasoned veteran who had actually done good things for our region, i also think covid had alot to do with it, controversial opinion maybe but the McGowan government did handle things differently to most of the country which turned out in our favour. I know Mark McGowan isn’t all that friendly to firearms so i wouldn’t expect any changes anytime soon. Right before the election we also had a " sniper " incident at a raceway where a bikie got shot through and through in a crowd, the media put the fear of god into people with that, it was talked about in public and in general conversation for a while, no one understood that your average 8 year old could have made that shot but the way the media was carrying on i don’t blame them. i think my answers turned into a bunch of jibber jabber. :joy:


Yeah, i would say there were quite a few on site who would have voted Labor this year just from conversations I’ve heard in crib rooms.

Most of the shooters i talk to on on site are from the east coast, Probably 3-1. And from that shooters would be 1 in every 50 people i recon so not a big majority.

This recent labour surge was purely covid related though. If you look at the swing areas they are where all the “Karens” live.

You are right though, the libs have done just as much shit to shooters as labour but the only difference is the Nationals beg the libs to not take the bolt actions from farmers. Don’t get me wrong though, Everthing else like gun clubs and collectors the Nationals don’t care about. Labour is aligned with greens so they don’t need the Nationals.

With no public land hunting, farming and vermin control is the only reason they haven’t banned open licensed (non club support) guns completely.