I bought another Howa.

A little while ago I bought a 1500 chambered in 300 PRC off usedguns. Why? Because it was there, duh!

Started life as a 300WM

*OE barrel rechambered
*boltface and lugs squared
*trigger cleaned up sharp and pull weight reduced
*muzzle threaded and custom brake installed flush with barrel
*is basically in new condition
I paid $980 for tge worked rifle + $110 freight.

It arrived in the standard squishy houge stock. I bought a used Bell&Carlson with the ally bedding block. $370 delivered.

The varmint barrel required the channel to be relieved, so I gave the action area a skim coat of bedding while I was at it and now everything is snug.

I had the PST and the 30mm Warne rings on hand. The Leupold rail cost me $90 from the local fun shop and is a Rem 700 Long Action which is a perfect fit.
Hornady dies arrived and were $190. I got some 220gn ELD-X pills and will get to load development soon. Ive put three rounds of factory 212gn stuff through it and its quite promising. Will post more as things progress.


Nice score, looks good.
I don’t know anything about the 300 PRC so I might have to do some research on it.

It’s not on the vpf banned list so good to go.

375 Ruger necked down. Has a bit of a bark to it!

It shot three 212gn ELD-X’s at 2750fps on my new as yet uninjured Caldwell chrony.

I bought a 223 Howa Varmint, Houge stock…couldn’t get interested in it…Traded it for a .308 Mauser carbine, without firing a shot through it. They are certainly not as good as they once were, when marketed as CMC Mountaineers.

Not sure if it was the plastic stock, or the fact that 22cal are shit with cast bullets. I wouldnt buy another…

So a bit more omph than a 300WM?
What’s the accuracy like?

I will have a good look at it later as it might change my build plans :wink: :wink:

Quite like the stock on that one! Always wanted a 300wm but just never got around to it

Too much calibre for WA.

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Wapol to shooters ’ only .22 for you! ’

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Seems like wapol are more going for the ‘go fuck yourselves’ type of vibe.

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I had some casting resin and a few spare 45 cal cast projectiles to experiment with, so I thought Id give the spongey Hogue pillar bedded stock at least a chance before accepting what everyone else knows is true.

Yes it was a waste of time. Fun though.


Worth a try tho…