WA Police refused request to stop accessing Covid check-in app data

Also a good read:

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Lowlife Gestapo tactics but no surprise at all, they do dodgy & illegal shite all the time so doing something that’s wrong but technically legal wouldn’t phase them in the least.
At least the gov isn’t letting it slide and is appearing to fix the situation…for once.

That is really bad form and I hope it comes back to bite them in the ass. So much for respecting peoples privacy. Big brother tracking the population is just a click away. How many people would give up there mobile phone to conserve their privacy.

Just saw on the news that Victorian Police have made three request of this data. However they have to get a court order to obtain the information and It looks like that was not given so they to go home empty handed.

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Must of been investigations into WA politicians for little Stalin to have tried to stop it!

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It’s quite funny looking how quickly bills pass through parliament. Only took a day for this covid one to go through both houses.

Then again maybe it was just an investigation into Chinese communist activity!

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You mean investigation by the Chinese communist activity!

Makes me just want to go ’ fuck em i’m not checking in anymore ’ WAPol are a bunch of d*cks

Is that all that makes you think that, my list is a bit longer.

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No one checks in in Darwin. Ive never seen anyone check in anywhere.

Except the bank. The security guard asks you at the bank. My name is Art Vanderlay.

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Never checked in using app

Mates told me what data is exchanged with the servers

It’s basically everything available to the app with location services turned on…

Ie every Bluetooth and wifi device within range, GPS coordinates etc

I check in manually. I’ve seen some interesting names written on the registers in my time…

I think you’re being a bit more paranoid through ignorance and gossip, @Mullmans

Yeah. Not like the WA government has been known misuse private data or anything :rofl:

But is it private, that’s what I’m suggesting.

That said I had many questions for Dan Murphy’s a few years ago when their app wanted access to virtually everything on your phone including contacts

The social media people had no answers

Fact of the mater is that you can disable features like GPS and contacts for an app. A lot of the time it’s laziness, not malicious. It’s actually (used to be, not sure now) a lot harder to write a configuration file for an app to state specifically what features are required, than saying everything. And of course when delivery schedule is of the essence, a path of least resistance is chosen. It’s not a good practice, but…

As for checking in, meh, can’t say I’ve done it unless asked. In principle I agree, it’s not required, the system is broken, and it’s nobodies business where I go, irrespective of where I actually go.

In practice, if someone with the right level of access needs to know, they’d geofence a place in point and time. So you’re pretence here about privacy is absolutely wrong, unless you actually stop carrying your mobile phone.

That was my logic if I ever needed contact tracing .

Between Google and my PayPass records I’ve got everything covered .

Manually checking in was the only real protest I had.

And now we know they are not really contact tracing anyway.