WA firearm reclassification (for the better)

Good to see that WAPOL are taking the virus seriously, they have just announced the below…

About time too.


I am missing something here, relevance to COVID?

Well there must be a reason to be so good as to allow us some goodies that have been available to the rest of the country.
It’s not Christmas so It must be the virus.

Boost to the economy is a bit of a stretch. My money is on ‘Occam’s razor’. They were doing a review, They finished a review. The end.

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Mine sounds cooler


Is that the one Schrödinger used to shave his cat?

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Ye mate, that’s the one.

Rifles like the Savage should never have been banned in the first place. Nothing scary about them at all. I suppose that extends to all the rifles that could be put in a MDT chassis like Remington and Howa.

The reason they released this now is because they won the appeal in the Supreme Court about creating arbitrary restrictions on ranges and firearm ownership. Because of this a letter was also sent out with the very powerful firearms restrictions basically restricting anything over a 300WM.

Big slight of hand from wapol.

Interesting. Does anyone have any more info on this? (@Gregfiddich @ShootersUnion)? NFA? No?


@juststarting I’ll see if i can get a copy of the letter. WA only at the moment.

A draft was leaked late last year but officially release last week around the same time as the shroud shit.

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Unfortunately we don’t really have an “on the ground” presence in WA at the moment - it’s the same issue as in Victoria; everyone wants it, no-one is in a position to put their hand up, unfortunately.