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Interesting videos, cool Vimeo, Full30, YouTube channels, etc. Something to fascinate and procrastinate over. You think something is cool, add a description and a link :slight_smile: Try to keep the discussion about it contextual or in a separate thread.

Reference dump
Post to let everyone drop a link to something interesting. Noooooo, not some random bullshit article about some random farmer who shot his left and off because his 1800’s 22LR malfunctioned and there is an urgent safety recall. We mean reference, cool reloading materials, manuals, checklists, etc.

Be useful, ask yourself, is this useful, if you think it is, drop it here with a short description of what it is and why you think it’s interesting.

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taofledermaus: for a good old slug fest

forgotten weapons: for all the best gun info

What are some other great channels?

Home grown! Nothing else to say here. Don’t think about it. …just go and subscribe to his channel now. The end!
Australian channel, channel dedicated to reviewing firearms, accessories and equipment available to the Australian end-user.

Shooting Stuff Australia
More Aussie gun channels! Don’t think about it. …just go and subscribe to his channel now. The end! If you don’t I will personally delete your account and consider this as an act of treason.
Fantastic blokes from QLD (not their fault, I guess) who review guns and gear (Australian edition). You shouldn’t be reading this, you should be there now, watching their videos.

This is an Historical Shooting Channel that features British and Empire Military Arms from the Victorian era (plus or minus, that is).
Absolutely fantastic channel - get some culture in to ya!

elvis ammo
Lots of info on ammunition, cast lead bullets, powdercoating bullets, reloading, reloading equipment, Science and reviews!

Lots of info on casting bullets and reloading (mostly for handguns). However, good channel to learn about reloading, gear and how to cast projectile.

This is possibly my most favourite channel of all time for beginners. This guy is a walking encylcopeida of all things gun. This is not so much about reviewing things, instead you will learn how to make things. How to pick right scope, how to clean the rifle right, etc. As well as lessons about history of various calibers/chamberings, etc. Seriously, if you want to learn, this is it!

Paul Harrell
Another old grunt also a dental assistant, because health is important! …with an unimaginable wealth of knowledge in firearms, sharing tips and tricks about various firearms, configuration, caliber choices, etc. Fantastic channel and very easy to watch or just have playing in the background while doing something else (like reading this forum). Seriously awesome dude doing awesome stuff. Go watch him.

Possibly the most well known YouTube shooter (no pun intended, being that YouTube was hot up by communist vegan recently in some sort of monetary dispute, go figure, ‘de commie vegans). Seriously, he is like rice to in Asian kitchen, if it’s gun, he’s there!
Looooooooots of gun reviews and shooting. want t find out a little about some specific firearm model, search here for his review.

Very new channel, same folks who run the Forgotten Weapons channel. Lots of reviews, interesting firearm and military tidbits; and discussions. Fantastic channel to support.

World’s most famous redneck. Love this guy. Loooots of lessons on reloading, gunsmithing, gun reviews, gear reviews and shooting. Pretty sweet channel to waste some time in.

Military Arms Channel
An old grunt running a military style small arms reviews, discussions and shooting channel. If you don’t like this channel, you probably need to sell your guns now and take up baking. Not that there is anything wrong with baking, I like baking, I just don’t think guns are your thing at this stage.

I really like some of the stuff this guy has to say about trapping, hunting and the process of skinning and tanning
Coon Creek Outdoors

Another video series is Sniper 101 Tiborasaurus Rex lots of good information from calibre selection, Reloading and Shooting. Only problem this guy takes 20 minutes to say what could of been said in 5.

Citizen Pulls Over Cop, Demands ID & It’s Amazing

Its only Cat B in australia, I want one, I want!

Just for @AusTac

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Hell yeah! :sunglasses: thats a pretty sick video mate, certainly different to what we do in Vic, some real nice jeeps as well :heart_eyes: $$$$ mines nothing compared to those beasts, while i got you as well, got an email saying somethings in country this week and waiting permit approval :wink:


@AusTac @Brett this video was made for you guys I think!
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Part of my herd…

Epic Lizard Battle

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So true…

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Uhhh, that’s an oldy. I have seen that one, mind boggling.

another oldie, but a goody!

Here’s a couple of extreme long range shooters from Australia

Here is another good fun pretty well presented and heaps of videos from Demolition Ranch

From 9:55 - hehehehe. Amateurs.

I come across that video sometimes :joy:

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