Using dacron filler in reduced loads?

I came across a reduced load using 2206h and cast pills that I’d like to try because I’ve not had much luck with TB in the Swede. The load calls for use of a dacron filler to stop flash over etc.
But it does not say how much to use.
So a couple of questions 1. Do I just need enough to loosely fill the case and hold the powder in the base or do I cram it in?
2. How sensitive will the load be to a variance in the amount of dacron? Do I need to weigh each bit or can I do it by volume?
I’m looking at you guys @no1mk3 & @danmac but anyone please chime in.

What cartridge are you using? I am surprised that the 60% rule would need filler. However its not going to be by weight its going to be by using enough to hold the powder in place like a wad in a shottie.

It’s for 6.5x55mm, this is for a cast load, I thought that 60% rule said for reduced loads with jacketed projectiles?
Without wanting to share specific load details it was a load for 140gn cast, load was from a topic on the cast boolits forum, the starting load listed puts a daily small don’t in the case. Hence the dacron.
My only experience with reduced loads has been with trail boss before.

Hmm well that is outside the ADI sort of loading info then. Although they do have a cast section but I have never looked at it.

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The rule is for jacketed bullets.

If trail boss will not do what you want look into shotgun powders.
What are you trying to achieve?

just a half decent plinking, cheap cast load

just ran some numbers, that load im refering to works out to be 4gn less than the 60%

Just a further note. I researched the Dacron idea about 2 years ago. My conclusion was that it was likely to leave a lot of crap (very dirty) in the barrel so I gave the idea away.

i did wonder about that too.

Dacron, if you do the research is just polyester. A type of PET, plastic. (from the petro chemical industry) So I would expect a lot of carbon build up in the barrel.

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Yes molten plastic was my first thought too. But in that shaped case a simple wad is not practical. You could try molten wax, pouring a bit in on top of the powder. Not that I like the idea of wax either.

I might just give the load a miss all together

Wax and Dacron might act as a fuel also. Not sure if that matters.

Why not cotton wadding from cotton balls? After all, you’re just trying to fill space to keep powder from settling the length of the case.

Yes, might make more sense. But in the long term i think its about better powder selection. IMO

I had a bit of a read over on cast boolits and there are people using cotton in stead of dacron, seemed to be a bit of concern with starting fires though.

Seems that 6.5×55 is not a round that lends itself particularly well to cast loads, it’s not a gun i shoot very much so i should probably just buy some real pills for it and load them up instead of chasing my tail.

Can’t see how cotton would start more fires than dacron. Such a small amout would burn up pretty well… yet another thing to test.

We need a ‘gun myth busters’.

Hell, maybe I should load up a few of each for the sake of science? I have a big box of hawkesbury river bullets already, so I guess I have nothing to loose.
I’ll load some up to test at PF, when I can get help putting out the fires, lol.

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Problem with gun MythBusters
“Well I just blew my gun up and I’m missing a finger, so we will call that one plausible”


Ummm… yeah…

Definitely need some stringent safety protocols.

There’s a Netflix show called ‘Hollywood Guns’. Basically gun myth bustets but not as good as mythbusters. MythBusters actuaslly did some cool gun myths.