Uses for spent primers

I use a 20L bucket to catch the old primers :slight_smile:

All you need to do now is to find a good use for them.
I wonder how they would go in a bag for a gun rest…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

I wonder if the primers entirely or the anvils would make a good cleaning media in rotary (wet) tumbler.

I cast them in hard wax in a toilet roll tube to use as grape shot in the cannon, bloody ineffective but fun.

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I often wondered how they would go loaded in shotgun shells.

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A heap better if you filled each one with lead :grin:

Or combine with no1’s comment and make wax slugs with them for close range plinking…

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I make jewelry out of them…or can crush up and use in children play pens instead of sand… plus its cheaper. Get the neighbors kids to crush them up as well

Alternatively when you have enough… take it to the metal recycling place and turn into $$$$


Lol, I never know how to take you, I figure you’re trolling most of the time, but some people here actually generate enough spent primers to fill your play pen mate.

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It’s easy when there is a lol that must be humor… in my tinder profile I have wicked sense of humor as a quality.

No doubt they would even i shot 3k CF and Rimfire rounds last year

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