Usedguns website offline

On the front page of

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Ozgunsales will be lovin it!

Wow, no back up hosting? Thats unbelievable. Glad to hear they will be back up.

It’s all a smokescreen, they got hacked just like LRD a couple of weeks back. Two gun related databases down for a couple of weeks each in the same month hmmm. :grinning:

Stop crumpling my tin foil hat! You know its important to me!

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That is because used guns is run by LRD. Its the easiest way to keep tabs on us all and also to catch out idiots trying to buy stuff with out a licence.

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deep breaths
deep breaths


Breath @JizzFlinger, breath!

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Its amazing how many window shoppers kept an eye on used guns. The topic has lit up the Australian gun websites. I suppose I am guilty of keeping a close eye on it from time to time as well. Everybody hates missing that diamond in the rough or a good deal. There have been a few times when I look back and think that a gun I passed over because it was what I thought to be way to expensive but in good condition and slightly special that I regret not buying now.

The dealers I know have it on all day every day, keeping an eye out for those types of bargains. When I was actively buying it was a good idea to check it often. I got some gems, but then I also got some nuggets.( the steaming type ) “Yeah mate, the bore is pristine” seems to mean, absolutely devoid of any semblance of rifling to some blokes.

That’s the thing about dealing with people you don’t know, you’ve just got to hope they’re as honest as you. When i sold a Pardus on used guns the bloke asked why i was selling it and i told him because it sucked and i hated it but on the bright side because it was such a piece of shit it had almost no use at all lol. He appreciated my honesty and bought it anyway.

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Surely @JizzFlinger will be having a “Usedguns Lives Again” party?? Nobody’s allowed to bring scissors though ok :rofl:

They haven’t got it quite right though, the listings being in order of calibre isn’t happening anymore :frowning_face:

For all you sad people out there who have been suffering so much because Used Guns had a catastrophic failure of their server, start breathing again!
They are back on line.



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Just had a look, there is a bit of difference to the format but yep, she’s back on.

Still having a few dramas, will take a month or more to sort out the mess I think.

Their latest statement:

Comment: We will not publish any ads lodged today by private sellers. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE EMAILING OR POSTING PRIVATE ADS. Could we respectfully ask private advertisers to not post any ads until further notice. People have been posting ads immediately the site went live and before we had the chance to test the functionality of the site which can only be done live. This is adding to the backlog of issues to address. There are no receipt emails currently being sent via eway and tech support are investigating the problem. Until this is done we cannot adjust prices. We will be working today on the backlog of missing ads by rebuilding them until we can work out an alternative with tech support. We haven’t been able to reclaim data between March 8 and April 5 so we realise some ads will be missing from the site. We will need time to work through what is the easiest method of getting these republished. We will also be redating all these ads with an extended time limit to make up for time lost. We have copies of all the lost ads in our email . We do not however have the photos to go with them. Please be patient if ads are missing or not updated to the current pricing as these things can be addressed. We sincerely thank you for your ongoing patience and support.