Trail Boss 1.5kg

Might seem like a joke in this current climate but I have 1.5kg of Trail Boss.
only opened to confirm they were little donuts.
Bought for reloading 12 gauge but now its not going to happen.
Also have a LEE 12 gauge reloading press (90013) never used.

Picking up new rifle (cz515) at the end of the week so best offer before then.

Private message me please,
Pick up Northern Central suburbs.

Cheers Darren


Trail Boss no longer for sale. Keeping for other load development.

Hi @Cumagutsa

Thanks for joining and welcome to the forum. A forum - not an auction. Why don’t you post what you are asking for it and I am sure you will find a buyer.

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Hi bud Just trying to get my head around the format of this forum.
Havnt been on a forum for years

Asking 1500 for the lot cheers

did you pick it up for $200 originally? :smiley:

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Cant remember to be honest. but its just a asking price its not what i will probably get price?

:rofl: :rofl: Probably not when the others trying to cash in around your area seem to be happy with only 350% markup and are selling it for $730… plus a lee 90013 is worth about $130.


Mate, we’re shooters here just like you, not a bunch of dumb c*nts with two brain cells to rub together. I mean welcome to the forum but…well not really if you came here to profit from your fellow shooters.

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just want to move some stuff on if your not interested then move on. its a ONO price. you want it offer a price , you dont want it then piss right off

Good thing you’re selling it, Trail Boss is a really bad idea in a shotgun press. Compressing TB leads it to become very unpredictable!
Oh, and welcome to the forum mate :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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Cheers, Not really sure why I have it to be honest. and thanks for the welcome

Yeah, Its a great powder for all sorts of things, I love it. If you put it on abusedguns some fucktard will probably give you a heap of coin for it, but really you should hang onto it. Powder is better than bitcoin and more useful than gold, with the world steadily descending into chaos, with the rise in political and social instability you may just need it. It won’t be long until the homeless are eating rats and we’ll be forced to start eating the homeless.
Really if you’re not stockpiling powder and scrap lead now its probably too late for you!

plenty of stockpiling.
was trying to avoid the fuckwits on the main stream used gun sales websites, turns out they are every where you go. You are correct and i was looking for other uses i may have for it and some are saying it might go well with 3030 cast lead projectiles.

Plenty of fuckwits on used guns selling powder for ten times it’s price… We’ve all been putting shit on them here for ages, i’m sure you’ll find the thread if you look. Nice way to enter a new forum BTW.

$200 for the powder.

Closest price so far ! You able to pick up by Friday if i dont get any better offers?

Someone will be able to pick it up for me on Friday, sure.

So look…whats the deal? Everyone who loads knows that Trailboss is donut shaped and is good for pretty much any rifle or pistol calibre at roughly subsonic and lower velocities. Which bastard sold you Trailboss and told you it was good for 12g? Are you a first time loader?
What sort of 12g loads were you looking to make? There is plenty of knowledge on 12g loading in this place…except for me. Id use Trailboss to load handgun competition stuff…very low velocity and kinda boring.

Not exactly first time loader but normally load specific powder to matching caliber.
Since placing the add and taking onboard some of the suggestions that bentaz has thrown out there i might look at keeping it and playing with some sub loads with cast lead projectiles (3030) for my boys to have a play with. Will leave the add on for now whilst i do some more research on what else i can use it for.

Mate, 10 grains of Trailboss behind a 150 - 170gr cast bullet is a standard got to load in 30/30.
It is really mild to shoot and accurate to 200m, at least myself and others I shoot lever rifle silhouette with have found it to be. All three of my 30/30’s work well with that load and it is a great one for juniors and the missus with fuck-all recoil.
While there seems to be plenty of arse-wipes out there cashing in on some ridiculous prices being asked for powders at the moment, you won’t be able to replace it with anything so my advice would be to keep it. There’s a hell of a lot of 10gr reloads in that bottle… :+1:

I found the the same thing with my milsurps, i got a shit load of Arisaka, Carcano, Mauser plinking rounds out of a tub.
Even down loading my .222 with TB gave me a great round for turning rabbits unside out at 100m.

just trying to work out how to cancel add.