Townsend Whelen (my 35 Whelen!)

Say his name. How do YOU pronounce his surname? hu-Why does everyone call him WHEEL-UN?

Im saying HWEH-LEN, hu-which I do believe to be periodically correct, sirs.

Okay have a pic of my 35 Whelen.

Man with my OCD your bench would have me hanging from the lightbulb.

What’s wrong with his bench?

Also, damn nice!

Thats the clean bench.

this bench needs some cleaning.

OpSec is strong with this one :wink:

You should put 2 more scopes on it, they’ll definitely fit on that rail.

The flare launcher wont fit on the front lower rail :frowning:

Im SURE I’ve some chinesium lasers from my mall ninja days in there somewhere. Maybe i can ‘co-witness’ a 6-24x scope in front :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Tac-sac. Do it.

I draw that line at reproductive parts.

You own a muzzle loader. It’s too late to draw those arbitrary lines now.

There’s nothing wrong with muzzle loaders, they are beautiful works of art, DIVERSE works of art. Diversity is our strength, isn’t it? SAY THE LINE, BIGOT!

I’m still waiting on JS to 3d print me a d!ldonet!

Oh, I support your right to own one and all that, I’ll support that argument. But I still think they are bullshit lol

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I took the 7600 to the range just now to sight in for tomorrow morning. Only off the shelf ammo I could find was this 250gn stuff. Too heavy. It also managed to open the action and spit out hot brass like a semi a few times. That got some weird looks.

But its fun to shoot and I cant wait to put some 200gn FTX loads together.

EDIT: I just googled “7600 opening on recoil” first result = 250g loads and shooting off bags. Yep, it’s me.