Too cool for tacticoolness (image dump thread)

Let’s get this going… The most tacticoolness you can fap too! (as suggested by @1Fatman I believe).

One rule:
No random shit off the internet. Must be in your possession, recently sold or soon to acquire.



Sniper semi semi auto semi bolt 3,000,000 mile range.

Well it’s not in my hot sticky hands yet but it is on order so I guess it qualifies.


Will be putting a red dot on it once it gets here.

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Ruger Precision Rimfire
It’s actually pretty good for the money and it’s good fun.

Howa 1500 6.5cm in a Bravo stock from KRG. Again , surprisingly good for what many would consider a budget rifle. Topped with a Meopta 6-18x50. Preliminary testing with budget plinking ammo shows great promise for future accuracy with handloads.
Shake down run , the bolt knob kept coming loose, sorted. The three pronged flash hider was indexed tightly ,via wrench, with a crush washer and o-ring , promptly blew down range in the first 5-8 rounds. Hand tightened it back on, stayed there the rest of the day, weird.
Overall, really good rig for the dollars.


@Supaduke I see your 22 weapon of mass erection and raise you one.

(Prad NV008.)

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Fully custom, built on a military action with heavy target barrel and chambered in a benchrest champion calibre.
Shut up @juststarting no-one cares what you think!


Hehe, I was importing archery equipment back in the day, mostly PSE stuff as the resellers here were bricks and mortar and I was the only eBay seller. Nice products, the PSE brand is blue collar so to speak, but they do have the best value compound bows on the market. When you want to spend chinese money, but dont want Chinesium, go PSE. First timer? Buy the PSE Drive compound bow and you wont look back. You’ll feel like a pro the first time you shoot it.

Anyway, the above pic is PSE’s Tac15 crossbow. It was originally available as the Tac15i which was an AR15 UPPER CROSSBOW PLATFORM DESIGNED FOR THE USMC I SHIT YOU NOT. You could use your favorite AR15 lower (stock, grip, trigger etc…) and simply push out the pivot pins to remove tye 5.56 upper barrel and replace it with what was at the time a very, very fast an powerful crossbow. 400fps thereabouts.

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Here are a few of my toys. Most of my stuff is in some form of tactical stock bar the Sportco clubman and Parker Hale Deluxe 1100

Defiance Deviant 6.5CM. My “cost is of no concern” gun

Savage Model 12 308 WIN

Lithgow LA102 243 win with Pulsar XQ50

Soon to be in one of these chassis

Howa 1500 223 now in a tan KRG Bravo


Here’s my new 22LR as mentioned previously.

It’s a CZ 457 precision trainer from CZ USA. I topped it with a March 2.5-25x42 and tier one mounts.


A few random pics of the tacticool funs I have…


Tacticool Pistol

The clamshell is the brake on the .416 and the pistol is a piss take.


Chassis rocked up :+1::grinning::grinning:



Model number? Product name? MDT {insert details here} ?

Looks sexy. And I don’t even like shrouds. But, this does look good.

Is the grip and buttstock part of the package, or separate deals?

MDT ESS with 18 inch forend full rail and high scope rail to suit. SRS-X butt stock and thier vertical grip both MDT also.

They sell them as a basic setup with a slightly different forend and grip or you can configure it to suit which is what i did.


Slicker than duck shit. Very nice.

Practicool for me.
.308 Ranger Scout topped with a 2.5x - 10x Viper.
I really prefer the MS4 sling over the ching sling. I took off the brake and the cheek piece (I have a fat head, figures) and added a pic rail to the euro rail channel underneath so in the event a bipod is wanted (rare up here) I can take the Atlas out of the back pack and is all good. Also added a top mounted sling point so the rifle sits flatter against me guts. Its a real do anything gun, I like it a lot. The set trigger is wonderful and means you can go foensome serious mag glass, but then it starts getting heavy. I shoot offhand mostly unless a tree is handy.


Pretty sexy piece of gear.

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Neat. Jess approves!

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