Tipan pump action rifle

So, who’s pre-ordering one and what do you know :slight_smile:

Is it going to be a killer offering, over all other competitors and will it blow them out of the market?

Discuss :slight_smile:

Come on at least post a pic. What is it, where’s it from?

Oh, Australian made from same dudes that make the stocks for Howas…okay Im interested.

Australia, Australian… Too lazy, im guessing someone will chime in, with eye on the prize. Not my thing, but it’s due to come out over the next few months and it’s an Australian made pump action, tactical looking under $2k. There’s been a bit of Facebook activity about it. I’m just too lazy to cross post.

Alright well if they make a 300BLK I’ll buy one.

Just look in the thread @Supaduke started about this gun a while back, you can find some details there lol


I feel like I have it covered in the pump action space with the 7615. The pump is a really nice action but somewhat of a novelty really love the sound and the movement but overall they are heavy for what they are. Think I will sit this particular one out.

Yeah i need to see one in the flesh but i’m thinking it may fill the lefty short barrelled 223 hole in my life. Unless anyone has one of the older Ruger Ranches in Lefty from back when they used to make them that they want to sell :grinning:

I’m very partial to a BLR in 223 myself.

I want one, but younger me learnt a bitter lesson when it came to pre-ordering games, so I think I’ll wait till the reviews come out. I don’t mind being part of a later batch.

At the suggested price point of under 2k, if the rifle is actually good, I can’t think of a better buy in terms of cool factor, other than maybe a 515 Tac.

Has anyone else tried SCSA’s other products before? I don’t know much about them, but I’ve heard they make rifle chassis? What was the build quality like?

I had a stainless one in 243 for a while, but at the time storage space was an issue and it rarely got used so it made way for something else, that now also rarely gets used lol.

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If they can get it under $2k I’ll be impressed (not being sarcastic). The other Australian manufacturers seem to think there’s a limitless supply of FIFO workers in the three states where the guns are legal who will drop $4k on something that looks like an AR-15.

Someone called the distributor OSA, and apparently RRP should be around $1800

Well that will be banned in WA on the day of release

If I had the money it would be fun to take to SAT

Cleavers currently have it for $1800 with a free optic. Dunno if the Crimson Trace optics are any good though.

Is it in stock? @Supaduke

Shit!! i just got home from there and could’ve had a look at one, oh well it’s an excuse to go back there i guess lol.

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So that was a flop and a half of a Taipan launch. So much talk and crickets. People who had some cash stashed away to get one, I bet have spent it by now. Typical Australian product launch. Drive up the hype to get people talking and then flop like a sack of potatoes. Why can’t we just get this shit right.

Typical, marketing types get too excited, start spouting a product too early. I was one waiting, cash in hand. I’ve moved on now. Zero updates, zero product testing or review. One video of some random chick doing 5 slow shots and one awkward dude doing a few minutes showing it. Terrible launch, why can’t these people be ready to deliver when spruiking new guns. No updates, crickets. I’ve lost interest now and it builds resentment towards the company.

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The other week I was having a chat with a firearms rep i’ve met a few times who works for another manufacturer/brand. He was saying that he had a Tipan on order but just recently had a chance to see & play with one (not shoot it) and was pretty disappointed with it so he cancelled his order.
I’m still hoping his evaluation is wrong but i’m kinda expecting to be let down now.

Almost the entire Australian gun industry needs a kick in the pants, IMO.

Far too many dealers out there without functioning websites complaining no-one will buy their stuff, generally poor communication - my preferred gunsmith decided to move interstate and didn’t bother to send out a “Thanks for all your business but I’m retiring now” e-mail, for example - and a generally entitled, sulky attitude towards the fact people won’t drop thousands of dollars on a gun that looks vaguely like a popular modern sporting rifle from overseas if you squint at it, and especially when those guns overseas are literally a couple of hundred dollar brand new.