This shows the real SSAA and the mess it has created.

Here is a podcast from Shooting Stuff Australia and Australian Hunting Podcast. It just goes to show what the SSAA and others have and haven’t been doing, particularly the SSAA and the money they waste.
There are no pulled punches.

Very interesting listening.

More people realise, the better.

And to add this to the mix… Here’s how SSAA responds to its members.

SSAA Victoria Board of Directors member Bill Campbell.
source: Firearm Owners United (Facebook page)


In times like this we show our true colours. SSAA is certainly showing theirs.


They actually discuss this in-depth on the YouTube clip.
For a person in his position it is pretty disgusting the reply he gave to a very normal and to the point question.

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Surely the SSAA are way more wealthy that the Shooter’s Union? How are they unable to fund a legal challenge, yet the union has funded a couple of different ones?

Don’t know mate, you need to write and ask them… No, hold, someone tried, see above. Was told to f-off in no uncertain terms.

It’s honestly so disrespectful. I can’t think of any other non-profit club which would speak to paying stakeholders that way.

People like you and me pretty much have to join them for our genuine reasons, and they know it.

Incorrect, you DO NOT have to join them in any way. All you need for a licence is a $15 letter of intent from GMA. Nobody in Vic needs to join SSAA.

Pistol shooters is a little different, in terms of club availability (some are sub-clubs). However, being in a different club now, my membership will be lapsing.

Sorry, I should clarify my statement further.

The letter of intent from DELWP only gives the Hunting genuine reason no? For the Sporting one you need to join a relevant club, the SSAA being one of them.

For metropolitan shooters, doesn’t the SSAA still remain one of the best options, for the cheaper range access to Springvale and Little River?

I didn’t word it the best with you and I ‘needing’ to be members, but they’ve pretty much have a stranglehold on metro shooters don’t they?

Victoria specific, other states may be different.

No, you do not need to be a member of SSAA to use ranges and target shoot. All you need is the letter of intent for your licence. VIC hunters can use public ranges.

There are two questions here. Is it best option? It’s not an option at all, they are not required.
Re: cheaper range access - yes. This is pretty much the only benefit you get. You do not get any other benefit from SSAA. I treat them as such, a company running a shooting range, nothing more. Little different for Cat H shooters, although debatable. Which makes sense, if you are using ranges.
However, membership is $90 and range access is $20, $35 for non-members. Saving of $15. Which is 6+ visits to make it worth while. Guess you could keep track how many times you go. Could make sense.

Only if you consider extra $15 for range visit a strangle hold.

Let’s branch this out to a different thread… Avoids hijacking.

That is a really disgusting response from him and it really does show that the SSAA is just about the money. If they could be bothered about any legal action no matter how small then they are not doing there job.

It really doesnt cost much to take a legal fight at least to the first stage. Taking something even just to the first stage makes the gov and police sit up and take notice. All disputes are then recorded and on record for the duration win or lose.

Fark, what an absolute tool. Who the hell does he think he is with that sort of comment?

A lot depends on the branch also. SSAAWA has funded a few court cases that aren’t specifically related to them to help the local firearm industry.

A bit different over here in the west where there is no public lands hunting and ssaa and wapa/wara being the two main associations the cops will take for club support. Quite a few people struggle getting farmers permission so clubs are the only way for the average Joe to have a shoot.

They also don’t run ranges like cash cows like they do over there. Every range is club member owned and operated as far as i am aware.

Not condoning this guys actions though.

Lot’s of mention of “Addressing” “not happy” and “Supporting” but not much else. Nothing about legal action other than supporting WAFTA ,who are looking at legal action.

The SSAA WA continues to be at the forefront with our commitment to playing our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and protecting our members and the wider community.
All SSAA WA clubs are to be highly commended for their recent proactive approach in suspending their club operations and competitions from the 23rd March through to the 31st of May 2020 in line with all the major sporting codes across Australia.
Since the beginning of this crisis, and in the space of less than one month, the WA Government have issued twenty-eight orders and directives under the powers of the Emergency Management Act, to deal with this serious threat to the health of everyone in our community. Many of these orders change daily as the situation escalates and we will continue to monitor and engage with Government at all levels.
SSAA WA understands tough decisions need to be made and we will continue to support all health based recommendations to protect the people of Australia. We will continue to update members throughout this crisis and encourage all members to follow all Government Health advice and directives.
Gun Shop Closures
In light of this, we do not accept the recent decision by the WA Government to forcibly close Gun Shops and the Firearm Dealer Network, implying that Sporting Shooters and 85,000 licensed firearm owners in Western Australia are in any way a threat to public safety or pose any greater risk in being allowed to trade in the same way other hardware, sporting or camping suppliers remain open for business.
Unlike any other sporting or recreational groups or individuals, all licensed law abiding firearm owners are background checked, required to comply with all regulations of the WA Firearms Act, and are approved by the WA Police, following a rigorous process to be issued with a firearm licence.
To imply with some vague justification that since shooting clubs and shooting ranges have voluntarily closed, and due to the public health crisis, all licensed firearm owners cannot now be trusted is political grandstanding at best. Golf clubs remain open as do shops that sell golfing equipment. Furthermore to attempt to create an environment that suggested stockpiling of firearms and ammunition was occurring due to the pandemic, and refuse to accept the evidence available that international supply and demand, the falling Australian dollar, the traditional Easter holiday spike and the recent release of long awaited new sporting firearm models were all major contributors to a surge in sales, is further evidence of the recent and ongoing disregard shown to the firearm industry, that has been part of the Australian vernacular for over 100 years.
Sporting Shooters, WA Firearm owners and the WA Firearm Industry are vilified and insulted yet again, with no justification to support this decision, zero consultation with key stakeholders and a complete contempt for the thousands of people now unemployed throughout the industry. This is clearly evident with the daily back flipping on the decision by the WA Police and the unworkable changes that have been hastily convened in an attempt to appear to be consultative with the sections of the firearm community that are now deemed essential.
This call was made, despite the Prime Minister and the National Cabinet stating that all jobs are essential and as long as all rules relating to social distancing and hygiene could be maintained, businesses could and should remain open. The SSAA WA will support all measures to have this decision reversed and is actively consulting with the WA Firearms Traders Association, Members of Parliament and our legal team to ensure a fair playing field is maintained for our industry and all Firearm Owners across the State. The most highly regulated industry in the country and members of our community should not be treated any differently with regard to continuing to purchase, trade, maintain employment and support their families, whilst actively contributing to this National Emergency and following all the measures set down by State and Federal Governments.
Firearm Applications being cancelled
SSAA WA has recently received reports of firearm applications being declined and when questions were raised in Parliament, the following response was issued by the WA Police: “Recent applications have also been assessed taking into account current directions made pursuant to the State of Emergency in Western Australia and legislative requirements”.
WA Police have also issued a response with respect to a question on refunds of firearm application charges stating “the police component of firearm application fees is refunded if an application is declined. When an application is declined, the refund process is undertaken automatically, Australia Post fees associated with firearms applications are retained by Australia Post and is a fee for the service it provides”
SSAA WA has been in contact with the WA Police Ministers Office regarding this issue and we have yet to receive a clear answer to the questions posed relating to recent changes to the processing of firearm applications, genuine need or refunds of declined applications.
Whilst it may be the situation that essential WA Police are being re tasked to other duties during this crisis, or for any other reason, law abiding new applicants and licensed firearm owners should reasonably expect a simple and direct answer to any changes to firearm licensing applications and the reasoning behind any changes.
SSAA WA will continue to direct our enquiry to the WA Police Ministers Office and provide an update as soon as possible. In addition, should it be the case that WA Police are suggesting only partial refunds for any declined firearm applications is to be implemented; this is disgraceful and will be addressed immediately.
The SSAA is the pre-eminent law-abiding firearm owner’s association in Australia, and by virtue of our responsibility to our members and all licensed firearm owners, we will always be part of the Australian community and contribute to dealing with any National Emergency. We will not tolerate emergency measures being used to unfairly target law-abiding firearms owners and allow rules to be created by WA Police, outside of the powers of the WA Firearms Act or Emergency Regulations.
Members Role
Now more than ever, we all need to follow the measures introduced to protect ourselves and the community. With hard borders to be introduced and regional travel across our state severely restricted, it is difficult to not feel that our freedoms are being stripped away on a daily basis. Our regular hunting and shooting activities are being curtailed, as are most other parts of our daily lives.
Take this time to organize, clean and prepare your gear. Some gun shop retailers remain open and now is the time to support them. Buy some cleaning gear, update that scope you wanted, grab a new gun bag. These actions can be performed safely and within the rules around social distancing. When this crisis is resolved, we need our retailers to still be there, so we can all get back to doing what we all love to do.
The SSAA WA will continue to fiercely advocate on your behalf, with the strong belief that every member also has a key role in your local community. Wherever you are across the State, ensure the message gets out there that we will always be law abiding and responsible members of the Community. Laws are made by the people and the people elect their politicians to ensure Laws are implemented for the benefit of everyone. The SSAA WA supports unity and solidarity amongst the Firearm Community and now more than ever we need to combine our energy and resources to be part of our own future.
Ron Bryant
SSAA (WA) State President

At last, some action starting, not from the SSAA but from the National Shooting Council


As you may be aware the National Shooting Council is filing its legal action tomorrow (Monday 6 April) on behalf of dealers in Victoria who have been closed down by the Victorian State Government.

We are now interested in building up our list of aggrieved dealers for this action - so if you are a dealer who has been adversely impacted by the Government’s decision, please email us your trading name and licence number to: [email protected].

We’ll keep you posted on what happens.

In doing this you must be prepared to be identified in our action.


Now this is how you build up your membership… You can buy ammo etc if you are a member if not you miss out BUT you can sign up at the range first then buy the ammo.

Breaking News:

Ammunition Sales Available to SSAA Victoria Members

Effective immediately, SSAA Victoria is pleased to announce it can sell ammunition, powder and primers to SSAA Victoria members from its Springvale and Eagle Park ranges. This service is only available to SSAA Victoria members. Membership can be taken out at either range, online or through the state office.

Members are reminded that the ranges remain closed for shooting and strict social distancing procedures operate at the point of sale.

SSAA Victoria has been working hard to protect member rights during the COVID-19 outbreak. The outbreak has seen significant, and in the Association’s view unnecessary, restrictions placed on Victoria’s legally licensed firearms owners along with unfair aspersions cast on their characters.

The banning of licensed firearms dealers from selling ammunition and firearms to appropriately vetted and licensed individuals is completely unjustified.

SSAA Victoria has sought legal advice that it can sell ammunition under the Association’s Worksafe ammunition licence. The Association does not hold a dealer’s licence and is not restricted from trading by the Chief Commissioner’s directive.

Stocks are limited

In the interest of fairness, restrictions may be placed on individual purchases.

Limited quantities of primers and powder are available.

Members are reminded that the only valid non-commercial reason to be using a firearm under the current restrictions is for volunteer pest management activities on behalf of farmers on private property. Ammunition will be available at both ranges in various calibres.

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That is just another reason not to join them IMHO they are only looking out for themselves. If they were truly looking out for all firearm users they would fight the ban on behalf of all users.
This is just another way to try and control the average firearm user to become a member.


Mixed feelings here.

Found a legal loophole…quite a bit different than lobbying for the right for exclusive sales

I agree, seems they are just trying to make the best of it.
I don’t need powder or pills enough that I’d join, but I thought we established that we could (in Victoria) all buy powder, pills, primers etc, just not guns or factory ammo.

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I can sort of agree but the fact that they are saying they will only sell to members but if you join up there and then we will sell them to you.
It is sort of like blackmail. If the sell to everyone they would probably get more respect and maybe more members.

Well that’s my take on it

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