Think before you post about gun stuff on social media!

On the back of an earlier post, I thought this is a good time to call this out.


Think! There are ways to ask a question, answer a question or suggest something without being “blunt and in your face”. I am not talking about best ways to clean a gun or similar… Please, have a flame war about that to your hearts content. However, there are things that should be left in your head. There are things I disagree with and things, I completely don’t care about. Those things live in private sections and conversations with friends, not on a public forum.

Combination of your knowledge and experience, in most cases, I think, surpasses those who dictate the rules. Saying things that could feed the trolls or impact out community is not productive. Even if you really, really want to.

As an example, a while ago, a user let the forum, never to be seen again, because they had a few posts deleted (by me, I own that :slight_smile: - not something I do often). I felt that the posts were counter productive to the overall political climate and current affairs at the time. And frankly, incorrect. Spreading misinformation, to stroke own ego, at the expense of the community is not cool.

Think before you say something online. Once it’s out, it’s out. Even if you would like to delete it later, you just don’t know who or what other websites made a copy for some reason (happens all the time).


Sage advice mate. Well said.

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Pfft, ever since since I swiped left on his Grindr page hes been deleting my posts.


Because we could have had a future! You destroyed it now.

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Im not that woman anymore!

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