The Ugly Duckling

A few weeks back I was in the LGS getting some .358 pills for my 358 winchester when the owner said I’ve got some you’ll like. He pulls out just about the ugliest looking rifle I’d seen,in 35 whelen…how much ? 100 bucks…Will you swap for a couple of my old guns ? Sure,I’ve got 40 rounds of ammo for it too…Will you chuck in some dies ? Yeah no worries…deal…
Well,it’s a mauser 98. Crappy stock. Really crappy. I’ve spent about 60 bucks getting some scope rings and iron sights fitted. And I’ve just finished stripping back,sanding,and varnishing the stock…and I gotta say…I freaking love this gun !

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Pretty sexy!

That looks awesome now mate

Mmmmm, nice one Pete. Well done.

What did u use to finish the stock?

What do you plan on using it for Pete?

Its amazing how well they can clean up. You have made it look so much better. Is that a crack in the butt or just a grain in the wood? It really does look the goods now.

I used Tru oil to finish the stock.

I’ll use it for shooting stuff lol

There’s a repaired crack up by the bolt on the left hand side,but no other damage anywhere else.

What about the holes in the forend? How did u fix them?

Haven’t yet. I’ll plug them and sand them back. I got impatient lol

Lol, So you hid them in the pics.

There are some really good liquid woods out there now. You are hard pressed to see the patch up if you match the colours well.

…and putty products that are cement like when dry.

No thanks :blush:

Great work @Bigpete, very nice transformation!

@Bigpete Amazing effort mate, it looks brand new! How does it shoot? I’d be worried about corrosion and the state of internals on it given the exterior.

Shoots fine. Nothing wrong with any of the metal parts

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Dont know what you swapped for it but seems a great bargin.

Yeah @Bigpete what did you swap for it?

A couple of old guns that didn’t work

Yeah but what were they mate?