The jar of fun - aka cases for everything I've shot, ever.

So I have a jar of cases, I call it the jar of fun. It’s missing a few cases. I think, maybe, 3 or 4 or 2. What’s in the jar? Cases from every chambering I’ve ever fired.

@GUN-DMC, @Brett and @Oldbloke have contributed :slight_smile:

@AusTac, I am anticipating your modest contribution soon too :slight_smile: lol

Few cases, I can source, but one that I am missing, that I anticipate a little bit of challenge is, 5.45x39 from AK-74 I shot…

Can you name them all? :crazy_face:

No, but I definitely remember cutting that brown shottie shell!

Ding, ding, ding! Correct. LOL 4th from the left, is in fact my first cut shell slug.

…and how good is that gas check fit! Still attached after head on collision with the metal drum.

I’ll pack the Cheytac for Plinkfest so you can cross that off the list :slight_smile:


And I’ll pack a Henry and an Alfa. One is neat, the other is forbidden fruit for you New South Welshman hehehehe

With some luck and a bit of cash I should have a lever action 45 Colt in time for the gathering.

Shot 45LC Rossi. I like my 44 more :slight_smile:

You need a 577 snider to go with that 577-450 MH

I definitely do (and want one), @TheDude , but they are not exactly cheap.

I draw the line and muzzle loaders, so Snider would be awesome, MH, then Enfield and I already have the carbine… Full British empire war set lol.

Can I name them all?
Rimfire ,center fire and shotgun!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :beers:


Can you name all the chambering

Someone had one on AHN forum for sale the other week. Will see if I can find the post. Was down your way from memory too.

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Ye man, pm me if you find it.

Shouldn’t be to long now, hope to have it, and step up to shoot before september

Found the post but it’s sold unfortunately.

Oh well, what was the asking price?

All bloody righty oh then…
we have 50BrettMG, 416Brettet, 6.5crapcarno, 12ga cut shell, 12ga general awesomeness, 357mag, 44mag, 6.5x55, 50ae, 577-450, 308, 22lr, 17hmr, 22mag, 9mm, 223, 303. I know theres a bunch more there but thats a start, how many did I get right?

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Got one wrong, but you need to map it to right cartridge in the pic :wink:

The more eclectic brass makes for a great conversation starter, i have a small collection on my toolbox to remind me of the good times on a shit day, the .50 stands nice and tall up there