The democratic people's republic of WA - updates

VERY IMPORTANT - Dodge the bullets being shot at you while you are climbing

Top tips in that.

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Got to love them threatening us without clear guidelines about a law that hasn’t even passed yet.

Trying to get as many as they can before the stealback ends up challenged in court maybe?


Yep also dipping their toe in to get a feel for how many are going to just cave in.

I’d be storing everything I needed to at a dealers and be the last bloke in the state to hand anything in just in case it all falls down.

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We could even move stuff over east if they make storage difficult on the dealers also.

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Storage is already difficult. Claremont Firearms wants $50 a month and even then say they are full unless you want a laybuy on a new gun…

If my lovely wife wanted us to go to counseling or something I’d definitely put them in to storage but that’s now $650 a month IF you can find a dealer with space.

I don’t understand this statement :thinking:

I’m just saying the first thing you’d do in a relationship issue is put them into storage so you can’t be accused of anything

But it’s horrendously expensive here and I think that’s a problem

Not that I have any issues in that respect so I kind of clumsily made light of it

Waste of money.
If she takes out a dvo or something like that they will take them regardless

Papalia “The other thing I said to a group of blokes I met was that if I could write a law just for them, it would be easy. If we were tasked with writing a law for retired special forces soldiers, who are incredibly responsible, knowledgeable and reliable, it would be the most simple task in the world, but that is not what this law is.”

Papalia seeming to forget the “responsible , reliable” ex special forces guy who started this whole thing by shooting a bikie dead at the motorplex and injuring a child .

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Here in Qld a dealer can mind them for you if you have a DVO. Two of the guns I bought recently were being held by a dealer for the owners who’s licenses were suspended while they fought (apparently) fake DVO’s from angry ex wives using DVO’s as weapons during divorces lol.


So, am I reading this right, chassis systems on rifles will also be prohibited, i.e. photo of original is sent (I read somewhere) and no modifications are permitted?

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Believe so yes, if you want it changed then you need to get it done by a gunsmith and approved by the commissioner.


Just checked my safe, fortunately I’m not a victim of a terrible boating accident… Yet