The democratic people's republic of WA - updates

Over the past months, some delegates have been actively engaging in discussions with government representatives and the WAPOL about the proposed changes to the Firearms Act.
These changes may raise concerns and uncertainties…<deleted…irrelevant>

  1. We have had a productive meeting with Hon. Paul Papalia and two consultation sessions with WAPOL. Both parties have shown a strong understanding of our niche operations and have expressed a positive view of our professional community service. They have particularly commended our training and project processes.
  2. We understand that the legislation is now set, and the focus is on developing the supporting regulations and an online portal for firearm licensing, authorities, and renewals. While we would have preferred earlier involvement, circumstances did not permit this.
  3. We expect the legislation to take effect around 2024. At this time, all “Rec Hunt/Shoot” licenses will convert to a new license class (tentatively titled “Hunting and Target Shooting”), and all existing property letters will become invalidated.
  4. Under the new system, shooters can have as many Letters of Authority (LOAs) as they have firearms. Shooters must provide a new LOA for their firearm at the time of license renewal, and can only use the firearm on the property specified in the LOA. Property owners must renew LOAs annually and can rescind them at any time.
  5. The number of LOAs a property owner can issue will depend on factors such as size, topology, and vermin presence, with data confirmation from DBCA and DPIRD.
  6. We have formed the WAPOL Consultation Subcommittee to liaise with stakeholders on the Firearms Act rewrite.
  7. WAPOL is proposing a “permit” system, which aligns with our current operations and will enable projects and community shooting events to continue. This system will result in additional costs, which will affect membership fees.
  8. Health checks, particularly focusing on mental well-being, are to be part of the new legislation. These checks could be integrated into routine GP check-ups or even conducted via telehealth.
  9. The legislation may establish limits on the number of firearms a person can own. We have made detailed submissions regarding the variety of firearms required for different pest species to inform these limits.
  10. Hands-on competency training will be mandatory under the new legislation. We are pleased to inform you that our excellent training programs have been recognised, and we have been included in the training working group with WAPOL. This is an opportunity for us to contribute to shaping the training standards in line with our robust practices.
  11. There will be changes to security requirements, with the complexity of setups determined by the number and type of firearms stored.
  12. The act of reloading will be fully codified in legislation as legal, providing a clear legal basis for this activity and moving beyond its previous status as a WAPOL policy.

@Gregfiddich > ok, that’s interesting. 8, 9, 10, 11 wow

Looks like an individual hunting club has been speaking with Papalia alone. Disappointing given we are trying to keep a united front with wafca.

All I can say is $%&* whichever scumbag club has sold WA shooters out. Do politicians have regular mental health checks? This is disgusting.

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This could be cancerous. What are we gonna if this spreads? Labor govs everywhere right now, they could burn the NFA and start afresh like this. Far out man…

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I didn’t like property letters, you can either be trusted or not. But annual letters of authority for a single property seems like an extreme backwards step.

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Other than 12, they are all backwards steps.

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That’d be the same WAFCA that’s deliberately excluded one of the country’s largest shooting groups from being involved with them, yes?

Shooters union?

As far as I’m aware wafca is a body of wa groups that have a physical presence in the state like shops, clubs, wholesalers and the like. Not to take anything away from the awesome work SU do for firearms owners across Australia.

Would be much like oz gun lobby being a member. We have many members here that would easily present well formatted discussions with the minister but without a physical presence to be impacted by the laws do you think that would help or hold any weight?

Possibly not, but surely two heads are better than one. Even if an outside body or person were able to provide different ideas, strategies, and years of experience to the table for the “physical presence” people to work with would it not be of benefit? I really can’t see how it would do any actual harm?

It’s just another example of typical Aussie shooting community thinking & behaviour. The hunting club snobbed wafca, wafca snobbed SU, SU snobbed NCS, SSAA snobs everyone, and different styles of shooters snob each other, shit i guess it’s just what we shooters do. No wonder they’re beating us so easily.


Yep, it is easier to attack each other and feel accomplishment than struggle against the main problem.


Yep, the only people weak enough to be picked on by shooters are shooters. :rofl:


If it’s the hunting club I’m thinking of I tried going to wafc as a member of it, my pistol club, ssaàwa, su, and NSC.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a reply

As for wafta I would have bought at least two more firearms in the past six months but I’m paralysed by uncertainty. Not paying $300 to apply for something I might have to surrender in six months…

So every group is affected and I hope they find some common ground.

All you stupid c@nts need to move to Australia, vote with your feet!
You all piss a moan, but continue to take the big dirty unlubericated cock in the arse year after year.
Just either defect or learn to cup the balls already, I mean its not actually North Korea you can just leave, its not even a nice place, its just a dusty flat shithole desert with some big fucking holes in it.
Even your footy team sucks.
We have dust over here and you can still work in a hole if you want.

End rant!


That might sound pretty harsh, but ive been hearing the same shit for ten years now since i first jumped on a shooting forum.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.
Well i guess you do get a different outcome, coz each year they shove the cock in a little deeper!

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WA I hear is ex-UK coppers?

The future?

Pretty much getting filled with uk coppers.

Fark, that happens here in Darwin as well. UK humans are okay with me, but their police can go and sit on a lightning rod.

Matter of fact, we had to jail the last comissioner who was corrupt.


I’ve got young kids, a wife, a career and parents on both sides here.

Plus it’s my home, why should I surrender all that and leave? You know it’s only going to spread to the other states so I may as well fight it here as long as I can.

If shooting was my whole life I’d be living in Florida or some other southern state. However, they are only a couple of Democrat supreme court nominations away from losing their rights as well.

Once it goes off the deep end to fully automated luxury communism I can still move but I don’t see the point in running away just yet.