The cartridge you are most uninterested in.

You’re trawling the For Sale ads, checking out ‘whats new’ for the seventeenth time today. Your auto skip scanning mechanism quickly and automatically sends an ‘ohhh too bad’ signal to your control room in a fraction of a second when you see an action you just love, with a tight stock and bumpin’ accessories, at a dayyyyummmm price but then you see it’s in a calibre you jist can’t fap to. For me, that’s 270 Winchester. Its a proven deer slayer and everything else, but…nope.

What calibre is a deal breaker for you?


Ooooo also 6.5 Creedmore. I actually have nothing against the calibre and think it’s great. However, if >> I << (read: when I) go tactical and long range, it just doesn’t do it for me over something like 300WM or 7mm REM MAG. Just feels like it lacks the ooomph that I’d like from a long range rig. Just feels like neither here nor there cartridge with everything else out there.

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For me personally, it’s any “Wildcat” cartridge. If I can’t get the ammo off the shelf and/or the big-name manufacturers don’t make dies for it, I’m not interested.

Why you bully me? Jk!

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Parker is rolling in his casket at 150-200rpm faster than the guy next to him, and using less powder!

For me it’s. 223, .22mag or anything in .17 (air rifles get a pass though)
@ShootersUnion, lol, I’m like “they don’t even make brass for it anymore, I better buy it!”.


6.5 x 52 mm would rather saw the rifle in half and use it as two batons


Don’t feel bad, he really loves the 30-06 but it’s just too much gun for him :upside_down_face: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

For me it is .223, it’s like a mid way calibre.


Yup .223 is just so ordinary, isn’t it.
There are so many other .22 carts that are plenty good.

Anything that’s hard to source or ridiculously expensive to shoot.

17 cal,Really it is probably the really small cartridges and the really big ones. :grinning: Needs to be big enough for the purpose. Not too big to be uncomfortable and unpleasant to shoot and not too expensive to shoot as that is not pleasant either. I dont want to be worried about pulling the trigger.

Ooo yeah that’s another one… 17cal in whatever, rimfire, centrefire, air rifles, just don’t do it for me. It was the first gun I sold (17 cal) .

I like all center fire calibers but the ones that stand out to me is 22-250, 7rem mag and 303 . never been interested in rimfire except for the .22 single shot .

In rifles i always check 300wm because…well, it’s the best. Also 223 & 357mag because i NEED one of each.
In pistols i’m always scanning 45acp, and of late .22 as well.

I also quickly scan right through the Left hand section just in case there’s something cool in a cal i don’t need but may like.

270win for me

G’day @Hunting99 mate. 270 seems to be a lot of peoples un-choice, which is strange because on paper it’s a great round, but I’m with you and I doubt I’d ever buy one.

I was just going to say this. I don’t own one, but it seems to be a really good cartridge. What’s up with the dislike? Genuinely interested.

243,270,any of the wssm cartridges…

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It was the main reason I made this thread. Everything about the 270 is tops on paper. Its history is full of success, its the deer cartridge etc…I dunno why I don’t like it.