The big fat COVID-19 thread.

@Gwion ,I didn’t say that’s what you should do, but it is what she’s thinking I reckon.
Start to tidy the shed, find something you thought you’d lost, dick around with that till you get inspiration to start another project, get frustrated because you can’t find something you need, start swearing at yourself, fire up the forge and start beating hot steel with a hammer to relieve the stress that cleaning up the shed started…or is that my plan for the day? :roll_eyes:


@JizzFlinger welcome back to the world of the free. I hear they are dropping the vax mandates in the NT.

Indeed! I should print some T-Shirts.

“Covid Mandate Hide and Seek Champion NT 2019-2022”

Many however, were not so fortumate:


Ha ha fucking ha.
I cant have my vaccine booster, because i had the virus that the stupid vaccine was ment to prevent!
Doctor wouldnt go for “lets not, but say that we did”…
Fucking joke.