The big fat COVID-19 thread.

Given that I live in Sydney, surrounded by potential Corona virus carriers and not in the peak of health to survive getting infected when do I bug out? I’m prep’d, have rural property, food, water, etc. I’ve given the family a heads up that we may spend a couple months in the “countryside” :slight_smile:

Sadly unless you are going to stay isolated I reckon it’s too late now. It’s going to be another illness that goes around the world annually like the common cold or perhaps the Flu.
Thinking about it perhaps a couple of months away may help if “they” develop better treatments.

This is just what I want to be thinking about while I sit in the waiting area at emergency.

I’m fine, the wife has a shit guts…

They’ve got a vaccine out now I heard. It could be over before we know it. Or, 28 Days Later style apocolypse.
Kinda hopin for the latter myself.


I spent a good part of today up at ballarat courthouse with a client, definitely some zombie looking fuckers up in there!

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Was about to say I spent a few hours in Melton today, more than one hanging around.

When to bug out? NOW, load the van, grab the shotgun and go! images (13)

Freezer is full, cupboards are full, generator and solar panels are good, rainwater tanks are full… I think I’ll just stay at home (like I do most of the time anyway…).


Nah, cnts frked

I mean its SkyNews. So like…you know…its SkyNews.

It’s one of those few times in thankful that i’m currently living a fair way out of the worlds most isolated city. Phew!!

You mean, where FIFO workers come in from all around Australia, around the world and who have been in contact with other people outside of the city. Nah man, you’re totally cool. hehehe.

No need to bug out, just remember to wear your camo gear to ambush the Uber Eats guy with Glen20 as he approaches your door.
Oh and if you notice anyone wearing masks while you’re driving around just give them a love tap with the bullbar. Problem solved.

Well, while I think bugging out is still a backwoods goat loving yokel option… I hate that term… Seems like the pandemic plans have been triggered. Whether this is being proactive (unlikely with our band of retards) or political (no Hawaii this time, for ScoMo & Co.)… But, I am beginning to get interested, being that I do work in CBD and live in metro area.

So… I am good on coffee. Power is on and Internet is connected. So really, I am kind of okay lol.

…but I am mildly interested now. Discuss. :slight_smile:

Good on Coffee? What about other stuff? Everyone should be able to just shut their doors for a couple of weeks. Even if it would be repetitive and somewhat bland I reckon I’d be ok for a month- except for water.

It’s called a joke. Hence, I am asking, i.e. ‘discuss’

Stocking up on the meds that keep me alive tomorrow and I’m good to go on 30mins notice. I’ve filled the 204 Rattler and have 80L of diesel in jerry cans, no issues with diesel up bush as the cuz makes his own bio. Most of this is a bit of a pisstake but all the same I am ready to go, fate favours the prepared as they say :slight_smile:

Well I am in Location a years supply of rice like nearly always a good supply of meat roaming nearby… :+1: :grinning:

I am still a bit skeptical that this will have a real medical impact on Australia the flow on effects from other countries may be an issue. I have received two parcels from China bought on Ali before Chinese New Year so some of that has resumed.

Samsung AU are currently BIDDING on freight to get their stuff out of China. Thats right, if you have LCL out of China you can kiss it all goodbye. Only full containers are leaving and its the big boys paying extra. Ports are closed, ship have no crews and its pretty much bad news from there on.
You know, the dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together: MASS HYSTERIA!

Bugger. I’d better go buy some ammo.

Id be going for anything you need to use a lot that’s made in China and if you have enough for six months… Have a look around your house. Shoes and socks and jocks and stuff <------ All mine are chinesium.