Tasco scope information

Evening all,

Fairly shooter here, and very new to scopes. I just picked up a Ruger Precision .17hmr, and have been looking at scopes, this is the first rifle I’ll have set up for 80m+.

Going back 20 odd years I had an air rifle, and whilst doing my apprenticeship in the UK, a guy I was working with (top bloke but unfortunately passed on with MS - RIP Andy) was a shooter and gifted me a scope. I never got round to using it and eventually forgot about it. Today I remembered about it and I’ve just messaged my mum in the UK, and would you believe it’s been found on top of my wardrobe where it’s been sitting for over 20 years :rofl:

Now obviously this is an entry level scope, and I can’t find much on it, but it’s new and unused. I’m trying to understand whether it’s worth shipping over or not. It’s a VAR624x42m, which I’m assuming is a 6x24x42mm? Is this just obsolete now? I do a bit of range thinking, but would like to start hunting small vermin with this scope eventually too.

Appreciate your thoughts here.

I think you will find it is ok and suitable for the job, just keep your fingers crossed that it survives the postage. I have a few similar scopes of even earlier vintage and they still work as they did when new.

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Those older Tascos were okay for the money, (if it’s pre-Chinese manufacture), it should give you no problems. If it’s Chinese, as always, all bets are off…


Appreciate it gents. If it is made in Japan, what would you expect I’d have to spend to get a scope of equal quality over here? I’m trying to determine if it’s worth the hassle.

Don’t know but surely the postage on a scope you already own is going to be cheaper than replacing the scope?
It’s in the original box so it should be still in the factory Styrofoam packaging? Just get your mum to wrap the original box in bubble wrap and put it in a post package. Insure it for $600 and if it doesn’t make it in one piece you make a claim and buy a replacement.
In my experience postage from the U.K is pretty reasonable, unlike postage from U.S, it’s gotten fucking ridiculous.


Get it sent to you (it wont cost you anything thanks Mum) then you can test it for yourself. The Simmons are Chinese but they weren’t cheap at the time at least for me at that age. :grin: Tasco was a step up from them. Whats the worst that can happen? perhaps ask Superduke lol sorry mate.


Postage is extortionate at the moment.

Fair point though, I’ll get it shipped over and give it a try.


Ouch! That’s nasty. :laughing:

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I feel attacked…… :slight_smile:

Nah mate your post was just a good example. All good.

My main issue is I have so many .22’s now I am left with the choice of new gun or super fancy scope. New gun generally wins. I’m obsessed with .22’s, I think I have an addiction.

But I’ve never sucked a [email protected]$k for a new gun so at least there is that lol.

Ammo on the other hand (starts doing mouth stretches)


I feel out of the loop here… what’s the scope story?

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Must admit though, more curious about scope than @Supaduke about to sell himself for ammo… Like, hey, ye, we’ve all been there, now tell me about that scope lmao

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Well ammo is getting expensive and “shooting” is shooting.

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