Shout out to Zerotech and warranty

Several of you know that I recently turned into a Zerotech fanboi, I have 3 of their scopes and they have performed well. I had an issue with a 4-18x40 whereby the reticle for whatever reason decided to poop itself and cant 5-10 degrees left.

Zerotech’s warranty claims a lifetime no questions asked, no proof of purchase required and doesn’t matter if you are a second hand owner they will honour the warranty.

They did just that, replaced my scope no questions asked.

Well a few weeks ago at the PRS comp I bought along my CZ MTR for a plink.

Sungazer had a go and shitcanned me for mounting my scope crooked. WTF says I, I look through the scope and sure enough it canted again, a new scope I had purchased a few months ago, again a 4-18x40.

Well to say I was a bit annoyed was an understatement. I contacted Zerotech again and explained it was the second scope to fail in exactly the same way. I then explained I had lost faith in that scope and asked if I could get an upgrade. To be fair I simply asked for the next scope up the ladder.

No worries they said, we will send it out now.
So my new scope arrived on the same day I sent my old one back.

Got upgraded from a $349 Vengeance 4-18x40 to a $799 Vengeance 4-20x50 with illuminated reticle. Scope is sweet.

So to conclude, yes it was annoying the scope failed but Zerotech were flawless in their handling of warranty and had no issue helping me out after the second failure.

So I can now recommend Zerotech again as a reputable company that stands by their word.
The scopes work very well besides what I hope was me being unlucky with the canting issue.

old one

New one

Well done Zerotech


At least that is a fantastic responce from Zerotech. As the saying goes every company has issues it is how well they deal with them that determines the value of them to customers.


Couldn’t agree more. It’s great to hear about honest companies with good customer service.

The take-away however is, that they have such a high mark-up on their product, they can afford to give a few away to cover failures. Sorry mate, but the fact that you have had two fail in exactly the same way tells me there is definitely a quality issue. Also the fact that they gave you a higher priced one as a replacement.
I had a discussion with a tool supplier I used to use many years ago about “no questions asked” warranties. I was after a pedestal drill at the time and he had what looked like a suitable one on display. He wouldn’t sell it to me. He then went on to tell me that he had sold one to a customer who returned a week later with the drill as it had shit itself. He contacted the supplier, was told to give the customer a new one, which he did. A week later the bloke returned again with the second drill, you guessed it stuffed again. Another call to the supplier, “give him another one”, so basically three drills for the one price. When he asked the supplier just how many replacements they can give away, he was told that he could replace two more and they would still be in front. So a 500% mark-up on what was basically a pretty cheap machine. Begged the question of just how cheap they really were.
(This was pre-internet so there was no easy way to check.)

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There is always going to be a higher number of warranty issues on cheaper Chinese scopes but it is good to see they have made it easier for getting replacements. Remember when companies use to have limited 12 month warranty and require proof of purchase on the same item and same mark ups ?, definitely an improvement now they have these no questions asked replacements. I think it is a good option for those who aren’t in a position or have no need for a higher end scope.

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My use cases generally don’t justify high end scopes. I shoot at moderate distances and only during the day. I find the low to mid tier scopes adequate. Yeah it’s hard to get away from Chinese stuff these days.

Not having a crack mate, just generalising. High end scopes have failures as well, it’s just that you return them and they fix them. I reckon they need to see what went wrong for themselves. Leupolds are about the bottom end of higher $ scopes but even then they don’t just hand out new replacements. The fact that they warrant them no matter what happens to them still gets me. I have had one almost totally destroyed after I stuffed up and dropped the rifle on concrete. They basically sent me back as a brand new scope except it had my original objective and ocular lenses screwed onto it. ( forgive me if I have said this before)

Nah no offence taken. I have higher end stuff on some of my centrefires. On my .22’s which are pretty much all plinkers , it’s just not worth it to me. Just thought I would share that despite their issues at least they are good about warranty. Considering my replacement scope was only the next one up the tree I was a little taken aback at the retail price.

How do you find the Zerotech scopes compared to brands like Vortex & Nikon? Would prefer to give my money to an Aussie owned brand if possible.

When I buy new scopes, admittedly I look at Vortex first cause they usually have something good enough in my budget, and their warranty is great.

Eh? They are all importers dude… Kinda neutral statement here.

I know they’re made in China and everything, but I thought the brand itself was Aussie owned? Like the design work was done here? Or at least a part of it was?

Wouldn’t that keep more of the money in Australian hands? Compared to buying an imported Vortex designed in the US, and made in China?

Zerotech is fine, they make a decent scope. For the money though, Vortex make a better product. Honestly , these days all the lower tier scopes are much of a muchness. I’ve looked through all sorts and I think it really comes down to the type of reticle you want.

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