Survival firearms

If you needed a firearm for SHTF-lost-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-bush what would it be?

I’m travelling remote Victoria at the end of this week and have the real potential of coming across wild dogs and pigs, got the pick of a 12g shotgun, .308 rifle or a .500 s&w mag single shot, I’m also going deer hunting.

All have their pros and cons, whats your gun of choice?

I’ll probably bring the .500 due to it being easy to pack, small and light, good mountain hunting rifle, and can blow things apart, cons are it’s a single shot. If theres something like a pack of dogs or pigs, hopefully the splatter from one of its mates is off putting enough while I reload, ammo availability is non existent, however I don’t expect to fire a round (excluding deer hunting).

.30-06 will kill anything in Victoria.

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I knew where you’d stand on the matter :joy:

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Single barrel 12G with various ammo or light weight 223

Wild dogs are not a problem. I’m surrounding by them. Just shoot them.

Yeh, Bogong is a bit repetitive when it comes to cartridges.

If it was me I would pick the 308. It gives you the choice of multiple shots and can stretch out to a good distance if the need arises. Never shot a 500 S&W but would assume it would be good on large targets, but as you said only single shot.

Not sure of the rules regarding calibre for deer so I don’t know if the 308 is suitable.

So tell us about it.

.270 minimun for Sambar.

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If you’re driving, 308, on foot climbing, then your 500 is perfect. Alternatively if you want to drop some coin for a nice very compact and lite 308, Kimber.

The 308 is a good choice, ammo a plenty but heavy, if it had a red dot i’d go for it, the shotgun is also a good choice, but i find it hard to get good ammo for it, most shops try to sell my sabot slugs and i’ve given up trying to debate smooth vs rifled 12g bores with them

You only need one guess to know what I’d suggest!
Plus some slugs, buck and some no. 2’s

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Have been thinking about a new gun, would like a junky 308 like a mauser m18 with a red dot and a long range 300 winmag, but can’t afford both at the moment, it’s also because i’ll be camping alone so am a soft target for anything that takes a fancy, have had troubles with pigs in the past

Also got to obide my vic law as i’m hunting so need slugs if i bring the shotty only got one box left

Break open single shot in 308 or similar.

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I gave you a furnace! One box is unacceptable, there are no excuses!

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This red dot Aimpoint 1X is on my .30-06.


Yeh, thousands of happy campers disappear in the Aussie bush. I believe its the drop bears, hoop snakes and yowies. Not to mention the sabor tooth butterflies.

Best not go.

Or take a 12g with 2 solids, 2 SGs and 4 #2s. Should cover it.

That looks massive but nice, got a sig romeo 4 on my shotgun super happy with it, aimpoint are quality optics

Take an EPIRB.