Springfield Armory dropping HiPower?


THE HI-POWER IS BACK! NEW Springfield SA-35 Hi-Power Pistol Review - YouTube

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :drooling_face: I want

And just in time for Christmas. Me wants one too.

@JSS don’t do this to me you cruel fuck! I read it as “it’s available here before new year”. Then I realised you were speaking in general! Wonder who’s going to be importing it.

Lolz sorry 'bout that, I’m not sure but it’s probably a safe bet Nioa will get them in as they deal with Springfield, plus Cleaver may possibly import some independently if they can get a deal on them or get a hold of a few quicker. it’s a bloody public holiday here tomorrow, but hopefully early next week i’ll have an answer and a deposit on one :grin:


4.7" barrel, it ain’t coming :cry:

Now who’s the cruel fuck? You tease us with a new toy that we can’t have. Shit Bugger Fuck!!

walks away mumbling and kicking rocks

How long does the barrel need to be in oztralia?

120mm so it needs a 4.72" barrel

The old Browning was allowed to be sold here so why wouldn’t this?

Okay, I stand corrected, not all is lost…
Return of the Hi Power: Springfield SA-35 pistol confirmed for Australia | Straight Shooting

Looks a bit mongrelly that one.

Would agree, just wanted to show you there is hope.

Mmmmm, stupid hobby. I hate it.

@juststarting my guess is they’re coming and i’m guessing they’ll be about $1329 lol…tick tock tick tock hurry up 8am, i’ve got a call to make.

They’re almost at the bottom of the page

Did you?

I refuse to answer that question on the grounds i may incriminate myself.

@JSS all I know is that I didn’t make a call and I didn’t pay a deposit and I didn’t ask and I wasn’t told that there were maybe 5 before me. So really I don’t know anything. :sunglasses:


Actually i can honestly say that i didn’t call. But we went over to the inlaws today and on the way Cleavers is about a 15min detour, and yes today i took that detour :wink:

Hehe anyway, it is what it is, I guess it will be a solid 6 months, at least, but I’m not in a hurry.

Yep it’ll be one of those cool little surprises you forget all about until it arrives. And i reckon a cleavers “6 months” is going to be more like a realistic 9 at least :laughing:

I once waited over 18 months for a holster that was originally ‘3 months away’, and that was way before they had covid for an extra excuse too lol