Southern Cross Taipan Light

A new gun announced from Southern Cross Small Arms, The SCSA Taipan Light.
Looks pretty cool,
A mildly AR style pump action in .223 Wylde.
The big claim , It will retail for less than $2000.
Australian design and made. Barrels sourced from Lothar Walther.

I’m very interested.
A video is available on Fakebook

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Yeah, that looks very cool, especially the decent price point.

Oh i like that little number. That might fill a little hole in a safe quite nicely, it’s gonna need a trigger kit though, 3.5 to 4 lbs is nicht gut.

have a feeling it’s adjustable, the way he said “safety reasons”

Yeah he did kind of poo poo his own trigger with his tone & that comment didn’t he lol

Great Australian made goodness, too bad im not pump action fan…

Me either TBH but when you’re a lefty and trying to find a short little LH bolt 223 it’s pretty slim pickings out there so one of these might just do the job.

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So why don’t you just use the right hand.

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Like single shots?? Falling block, Martini??? Martinis are awesome, just ask @bentaz he’s another gentleman, just like myself…lol

What so it feels like someone else is shooting it :rofl:

Nah not really, apart from a few sentimental ones i’ve got that were my Pops i’m not really into the old stuff. Got too much new junk collecting dust to start adding old stuff to it as well :laughing:

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Fair enough, im considering at Browning BL22 at some point, thats as new as i get…lol

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