So I bought a cz515, then sort of didn't.

Since no convincing arguements were made against it, I stopped by a certain gun shop today. Decided to pre-order a cz tacticool. Drop a deposit, talk a bit about guns, ETA end of August…ok.
6 weeks wait, no worries. Unlikely to get a chance to shoot it before then anyway.
I get home. Half hour later , certain gun shop rings me.
“Yeah , sorry mate. Won’t be available till March next year.”
Well FK…
Some story about an email that day he wasn’t aware of.
I’m calling BS and he just wanted the deposit.
Not the end of the world. Just a bit shit and annoying. Debating cancelling. $400 deposit tied up for 8 months. Needed to share.

Ah fuck that. That’s shit. I wonder why such a massive delay.

It’s still sitting in the back of my mind but I won’t be doing anything until I hold one and see some reviews.

Bugger. Grab yourself a savage in the meantime if you don’t already have one.

Buy the Berika mate!

Rifles are due in August. However, there are limited numbers in the first shipment and he may have realised they sold out. Maybe try a few other shops? I have one on pre order, by all accounts and different shop estimates - within august.

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Yeah, that was my first thought. Just something about it seemed deceptive.
I will call around tomorrow.

I ordered the tactical model at the start of last month. I’m feeling a bit nervous now that you mentioned March next year…hope I haven’t missed the boat.

Ordered one from Clayton. They seemed a bit more positive about August.
They also had A22R’s on special.
So I got a Pro Varmint version for $650.
Considering the stocks go for around $300 these days I reckon that’s a steal.

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Very nice. Growing a weird 22 collection, I approve :slight_smile: I’d like a chassis for it, it would be nice. Really like the rifle, not a big fan of the stock.

I was checking out their website, looking for a phone number.
That had the A22’s on special. Considering they were listed at $1200-$1300 when released for the pro Varmint version , I though… meh FK it, I will get both.

Now to work out what to do with the cash sitting at the ‘other’ gunshop.

How much cash?

$400 (words words page wants more words)

Set it a side, to fund club membership for Cat H licence :slight_smile: And start the process :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s not the stupidest idea I have heard today.

Then set aside another $400 every day to cover a fraction of the new goodies you’ll find you won’t be able to live without :laughing:

Come to the dark side…We have cool toys :yum:

…and cookies :slight_smile:

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@Supaduke - back to 515… Clayton rand me a couple (maybe one) weeks ago, to confirm some details, because they said they wanted to have PTAs ready for customers with pre-orders. So… I recon your optimism for August has bases. Do you have a red dot picked out already? :smiley:

Circling a few. No real choices yet.

Bushnell TRS-25
Vortex entry level. (Cross fire, firestrike, strike fire , some fkn thing)
Cheapie eBay special.
Digger Tactical is selling one for $120
Chassis systems… Never heard of em.
Gunco had a nice athalon one that had a bigger tube $400 ish, seemed ok.
Not overly experienced with buying red dots.

Aimpoint etc very nice ,but way too expensive for a .22 plinker.

I use:

  1. (have a few) Vortex Crossfires, good; and
  2. (have a few) Cheap AliExpress deals, also pretty good (Strikefire’ish clone).

The vortex seem to rate highly in value for money. The Bushnell also at the pointy end in any reviews on budget red dots.