Snider, it's here.

Well, what can I say, it’s here (thanks @GUN-DMC for spotting it).

Feeling very giddy, even though I don’t neeeeeeed it, ay @Gunmut :crazy_face:

@TheDude think you may have predicted it in my future some time ago, LOL

@no1mk3 - you may begin. :smiley:


I still think that it is too much gun for you, better leave it with @GUN-DMC for him to use so you don’t get hurt. We care about your well-being :smirk: :persevere:


Sorry couldn’t keep a straight face LOL.

Seriously though, it looks like a beauty and you will have to post up some video of it being shot. Well done.

Soooo, thats an original in fairly good nick. Cost $. Just curious. PM if you prefer

PS. How old?

Looks nice, 3rd Model Pattern '53 musket complete with rod and lower sling swivel both of which are commonly missing. Would like to see a close up of the rod end, also is the sight leaf 900 yards or 1000? Converted by BSA to Mk III specifications after 1869 as a Volunteer Pattern rifle it should have the flat faced hammer and 5 groove rifling. A very nice piece for a Volunteer Regiment or Colonial Police use, enjoy!


Now you need this,british-pattern-1853-enfield-snider-martini-henry-rifles-bayonet


$950 all up.

I’ll take some photos…

Very cool JS. That’ll bring a smile or two.

Yes Cool man

@no1mk3 , as requested, my rod :smiley: LOL (and sights)



I also had a very quick and even rougher dry run at forming cases. I didn’t really measure anything. Just chopped off roughly enough to chamber… Anneal, lube, run through FL die and it all went very smooth. Night and day between this and trying to form MH cases. Anyhow, I will do a detailed write up on that later, when I actually do a batch.

(large case is a 24ga brass shell)

I just can’t stress enough how easy this was, compared to MH. Partially because I was prepared and knew what to do hen and partially because forming MH cases is pain enough for me to buy them, this was really quick and easy.

Correct jag end cleaning rod is nice to see, but an Egyptian sight leaf? It looks like it has been with the rifle for some time so it is likely this has been through the Citadel Arsenal at some point, if not an original Egyptian contract rifle. Also a bit different being marked for 500 to 800 yards but I am not too familiar with Egyptian marking procedures. I have a Citadel 303 rifle which I must dig out and check the sight leaf on that. Cheers juststarting,


Looks good JS and that’s a really good price.

How is the load development you g for this mate?
Be cool to have this ready to shoot when I get my greener police going

Should be ready…

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If not, we’ll load at your place. In fact I’m going to make a sample and if that works, rest of the brass I’ll convert make while I’m there.

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