Smoookin (ribs)!

Yeah… I thought today is the day! And so it is, the day!


Mmmmmmmm ghhghmmm mghhh ooowww


Yummo, how long did you smoke it for?

5 hours + hour for resting

They look text book perfect. Ya got a smoker or are you are kettle grill poor fella like me?

Link in first post :slight_smile:

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[Curses weber]

Bbqpitboys did a double rack of ribs a few episodes ago. Being that there isnt much room in a kettle, they tied two racks inside to inside like a rib football stuffed with onions and sauce and smoke it like usual. Not a huge fan of their wacky stuff but I tried it and it worked really really well.

Nice work mate. They look a treat. Food envy…yep.

I used to be a big fan a few years ago :slight_smile: Stopped watching after my smoking foo got to levels I was comfortable with. But I am a big fan, just feel like I wasn’t learning or getting new ideas from that show. These days, I watch this channel for ideas:

Love that couple, they do lovely stuff. Ballistic BBQ another one of my faves.

You can cook in my camp anytime… drool…

@darwindingo, welcome back!

I’ve never left mate, just been keeping my loud mouth shut lol… :rofl:


Holy smoke, to spend a day with fellas eh? Legends!

My ribs last weekend. Sorry i didnt have any done pics. They got eaten too quick.


Has anyone tried smoking Biltong?

Inb4 bonghead: I mean as in putting it in a smoker for flavor.

God I miss the ribs at Costco.

As far as commercially packed and pumped meat goes, the Costco racks are number one value for money.
Nothing beats a butcher who brings in sides of pork, but there are basically zero in Darwin.

What are you guys smoking/grilling for Xmas?

Those are perfect racks! I find that a lot of good cuts like that are getting harder and harder to find, unless I go to specialty butcher, because Melbourne cucks ask for them to be individually cut for easier fit into slow cookers :face_vomiting:

OMG thats a crime. Slow cookers? Use the ‘country chop’ rib cut. I think its called country something.
Fatty, thick meat and connective jizz, perfect for a 10hr braise.

Found some youtube channel stuff to try! The Yardbird tastes exactly like a rub I make, and probably one you all do too. The “all the shit in the spice cabinet but mostly sugar, garlic, onion and paprika” rub.

Its a good bbq in the old kettle today! Temps are sitting pretty, its cool outside and the wind is helping draw maximum smoke out the top. Got the bottom flutes open about 15%, steady 90-100c. One of those days where all the ducks line up!
Yeah, I need a real smoker :frowning:

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For Pork in Melb try the Preston Market lots of pork butchers for the Asian crowd. Lots of good meat and to too $$$.

They have full carcass;s and will cut to your liking.