Smoookin (ribs)!

Yeah… I thought today is the day! And so it is, the day!


Mmmmmmmm ghhghmmm mghhh ooowww


Yummo, how long did you smoke it for?

5 hours + hour for resting

They look text book perfect. Ya got a smoker or are you are kettle grill poor fella like me?

Link in first post :slight_smile:

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[Curses weber]

Bbqpitboys did a double rack of ribs a few episodes ago. Being that there isnt much room in a kettle, they tied two racks inside to inside like a rib football stuffed with onions and sauce and smoke it like usual. Not a huge fan of their wacky stuff but I tried it and it worked really really well.

Nice work mate. They look a treat. Food envy…yep.

I used to be a big fan a few years ago :slight_smile: Stopped watching after my smoking foo got to levels I was comfortable with. But I am a big fan, just feel like I wasn’t learning or getting new ideas from that show. These days, I watch this channel for ideas:

Love that couple, they do lovely stuff. Ballistic BBQ another one of my faves.

You can cook in my camp anytime… drool…

@darwindingo, welcome back!

I’ve never left mate, just been keeping my loud mouth shut lol… :rofl:


Holy smoke, to spend a day with fellas eh? Legends!

My ribs last weekend. Sorry i didnt have any done pics. They got eaten too quick.


Has anyone tried smoking Biltong?

Inb4 bonghead: I mean as in putting it in a smoker for flavor.