Skinner sights for Browning BL-22 lever action

Skinner sights for Browning BL-22 lever action 22LR rifle.

Quick post for future reference, about picking the right front sight from Skinner ( for BL-22.

Of course, YMMV (@Pogmahon) , but in my experience:


  • Keep front (post) sight that came with the rifle.
  • Add Skinner rear sight.
  • In my opinion, this is the best accessory for BL-22 or pretty much any lever action 22 rifle, other than a bayonet, anyone could buy. It makes the experience 100 times more fun.

I’ve moved sights/scopes on my BL-22 a few times. Time and time again, I find myself coming back to Skinner peep sight. They look great, they suit the rifle very well and they are extremely functional, especially for plinking. That said, I don’t believe I have ever shot this rifle for groups, so YMMV, however…

The rear sight is fine. And the screw-in aperture that comes with the sight is perfect. I haven’t actually tried shooting without it, just using ghost ring. Not sure why I haven’t tried it, I think I will try next time it’s out. I have a feeling it will be even better for killing cans, metal poppers and clay pigeons.

The trick however is getting the right front sight. I had zero experience with the sight when I purchased it a few years ago and opted for Skinner recommended front sight. Measured from top base of sight to top of the post at: 8.70mm. This is what was recommended and this is what I got. I actually don’t remember what was recommended, but this is what I bought (the suggested front sight) and just measured it.

I found that it was shooting a bit low and I needed to adjust the rear sight up. With that in mind and benefit of hindsight, I think a better option would have been to keep the original front post that came with the rifle and buying rear sight only.

I have a feeling it would have been a perfect fit and worst case scenario, wait 2 weeks and get a new front sight after knowing how much movement you need, however, personal recommendation - keep front sight, add rear sight.

I think you are pretty much on the money @juststarting when you look at the old type of target sight that was used on the 303 it is the same thing. The original front blade was kept and then a slight larger full circle peep sight was used some had adjustable size holes in them and that peep sight could be adjusted up down for distance left and right for wind age.

Todays target sight has only changed a little they used a tunnel at the front that has a small circle in it so you can frame a picture of the big black part of the target in that circle with finer adjustments at the back they are then able to hit that very centre of the big black part of the target.

Had a Skinner on my Henry .22 for a while now. Far superior sight. Much easier to shoot more accurately. I used the original front sight as well. I did however file the front post thinner. I found it a little thick and obstructed my sight picture a bit much.

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Definitely chunky. I never bothered, it’s just a nice plinker. But Skinner front sight for BL could be a lot better.

Thanks for the detailed info, i did order the front sight as recommend on their website as 3/8"x0.6 (in brass) it wasnt that expensive so i won’t be shattered if it never gets used… As mine’s the Octagon its got the pretty gold bead which looks great… Hoping its here this week.

Cheers Graeme

Ooooh big spender. I love the BL. I reckon it’s the best shooting lever in 22LR out there (pops one in the chamber. Waits for the Henry brigade to pike up :slight_smile:).

I’d shoot with rear sight first and make decision after, I wouldn’t put front sight on to start with.

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I like the BL as well, nearly bought one. The octagonal barrel of the Henry appeals to me though.

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The BL comes with the Octagonal barrel in 24" i went that way coz “size does matter” :wink:

Bit too long for me.

@juststarting So. USPS got the sights to Melbourne in 3 days, i.e. 5th September and Aust Post finally delivered this morning … 17 days later :clap::clap:

Im finding the dovetail extremely tight and reluctant to relieve material to get it to its final position. How was yours? A couple of pics for clarification…

last pic shows it slides on (backwards) to this point at which it’s binding. I don’t want to start filing just yet…

Cheers Graeme

Mine was tight. I wiped everything with oil. Then, applied grease to everything, talking about overkill, and gently tapped it in with a nylon hammer. This approach worked well for me. No scratches.

Loosen/back out all screws on sight too.

Thanks for quick response, ive got some spectacularly fine files if this doesn’t work but I’ll lube it up and see if it can be persuaded to go on without taking to it first.

Cheers Graeme

Definitely use some grease the antiseeze would be what I would use it has a copperish look I think it has a base of copper in it as well. I would expect to have to use a small bit of encouragement like JS described.

“Grease is the word”

Again thanks for the advice and nudge in the right direction. It’s “playtime” now :blush:

Cheers Graeme


With enough lubrication, you can achieve anything.


I think they make the front sight fat, foor old bastards like me, with failing eyesight lol

Yeah, I love the octagonal barrel also! Any close up pics of the henry??