SHS Hellcat shotgun

Well, what can I say… I’ve been whinging about wanted one to @bentaz for quite a while. Decided to get it done. Originally I wanted an SHS Red Devil (20"), but this just popped up and seem to be the next iteration of it. Threaded for and comes with chokes, all weather finish. Ambidextrous cocking handle, I swapped to left side pretty much immediately.

Have not fired yet… But I have an ammo can full of slugs waiting for range day.

fully extended, found that this is the most comfortable setup

collapsed stock, bit smaller

Stock ‘unclipped’, it’s a button push away, useless for anything shooting related, but a fuck you to NSW never the less

Factory sights are very usable, but I had a cheap red dot, so I slapped that on. Doubt it will last after some stout recoil, but it’s there, so may as well give it a go. If it rattles itself apart, I will replace with something better,

factory font sight

factory rear sight, some sort of polymer on metal rail, but it is a shotgun, so good enough

Build quality, pretty good I must say. There’s not much to it, it’s good in the same way as Rugger American Compact 22LR is good. It’s cheap, but good. If it makes sense.

Swapping cocking handle required a strip and then taking a pin out of bolt face. Pin looked very cheap, but I am not seeing it being removed often.

It’s 6+1, but came with a plug that had to be removed.

That’s about it. Feel good, seems fun. Loads really nicely, doesn’t bite fingers. Can’t wait to test it now.


I have played with another mates red devil version and it seems pretty good to use, I’m sure you’ll have a ball using it sensibly and in a grown up manner! :wink:

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:heart_eyes: niiice!



Like freaking school kids, the lot of you.