Show us your milsurp rifles

Seen. I think IV is grasping at straws, really struggling for good content. I’ve never had or heard or had anyone express that point of view. The other dude, from C&R arsenal, more people should subscribe to his channel.

IV annoys the crap outta me.

Not a very good picture but here is my 1940 243 kar98k and 1944 m39

I’ve never heard this point expressed to me either, in fact my experience has been quite the opposite but I thought it worth sharing still.
I don’t mind IV and anything beats demo ranch!
I have not heard of the other guys channel, I’ll have to check it out.

Isn’t that a Moisin and an M38?

Definitely check it out. link is on the list of fun channel videos. It’s like forgotten weapons but with a much much much deeper dive into it.

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Finn M39, built on Mosin Nagant action with usually a Sako or Valmet barrel and new timber, known as “Ukko Pekka” to the Finns in honour of a former Prime Minister who was a champion shot. The K98k, code 243, made by Mauser Werke Borsigwalde

My bad, that makes sense now :grin:

Yes that’s correct Finnish m39 built by sako in 44 off a mosin nagant action then refurbished in 67 again by sako, and correct again K98k by Mauser Borsigwalde Berlin

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Latest aquisition, Bosnian sniper. These M48 rifles with various scopes were used by both sides in the conflict. This one has Zrak quick release mounts and an ON-M76B scope as used on the M76 rifle. despite what some say, these were never an official issue rifle to any service during the conflict but were simply field expedient made up snipers. They became official issue to Bosnia-Herzogovina post conflict, and a quantity were imported to the US a bit later.


That is one nice looking rifle.
Will it just be for the collection or will you use it in competitions?

Going to use it tomorrow for a 500m deliberate, but it is mainly a collectible. I just like to use the collection now and then, but usually I shoot a Parker Hale M82 in at 500 or a Lithgow Range Rifle. Should do alright as I seem to have Tactical Strike capability?

Either that or it is nuclear powered going by the symbol.
You will have to let’s us know how it went.

Luminous reticle?

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Yes, Tritium illuminated reticle.

That butt plate looks like it’s going to hurt!

That’s what the stickers for then.

New goodies, one, the Mauser M71 Carbine I have been chasing for some years to go with the M71/84 rifle and the M71 Jaeger Rifle.

The other, a Volunteer Pattern Snider Artillery Carbine by Barnett of London, was an expedient find as I have a 3 band Volunteer by the same maker. sorry for the poor pics the lens is scratched to blazes.


That 71 is Cool, I have a couple of those in 12ga conversions.
Any rifle with full wood looks awesome.