Show us your milsurp rifles

I think I do have one or two mild OCD’ish tendencies, but for some reason cleaning guns isn’t one of them lol.
Once in a blue moon I’ll go nuts and I actually do enjoy it, but otherwise it’s the bare minimum to keep them running & shooting as they should.
All the new ones do get a proper strip & clean so I know where I’m starting from though.

Say Mang…you uh got any uh dem strippah cleeps?

Ive got 1 enblock.
I have some mauser stripper clips, not sure if they fit

I was going through a box of bits and came across some Mauser parts from a rifle that was sporterised that are no use to me.
They are off of a spanish M43. There is a rear sight ladder, spring and retaining pin. Bayonet lug, front barrel band, front sling band and the spring that holds those in place.
Are these of use to anyone here?
They will be the cost of postage to any regularly contributing members here, if no good to you guys, I’ll chuck them on one of the used gun sites for fuck all.
They may as well get used by someone, they are no good to me.

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Theres an upper handgaurd too