Show us your guns.

Back from the doctor. Worn out main spring. Must have been from all those BIG +PP LOADS. Replaced, cleaned and test fired no charge.

2.2gns of Jiffy Firelighter crumbs. The spring couldn’t handle the recoil.


Dropped the scope on, bit if an insta looking pic using the auto filter on the phone.


I normally wait till it’s in my possession, but I’m going early on this one.

Newest acquisition, just waiting on PTA.

Lee Enfield No.4 converted to .45acp.

This thing is minty fresh and will soon have my grubby hands all over it.

This will almost certainly get someone’s knickers in a knot at the pistol club.


Congrats mate, that’s cool, very cool!

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I haven’t bought a new gun in months!

Love it!

If you didnt have such a good collection already. I would remind you of a time when you had a was it Thursday new gun day nearly every week.


I remember back when @juststarting was just starting and he told us all anyone needed was 1 .22, 1 .223, 1 .308 and a 12 ga and that was all!

I havent bought a gun in years, in fact ive gone backwards from 70 to only 25. :sleepy:

I stand by my statement. But like any data driven defensible theory, it must be tested, vigorously and often. So I keep testing.

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Anyhow, back to @Supaduke - how nice is that machine!

That is excellent. Next best thing to De listle, which I doubt any of us are likely to get our hands on.


Got a Blaser


It’s nice, I guess, but it ain’t no tacsoras :slightly_smiling_face:


I have an adler with gravel rash from falling out of the window at 60km/h i don’t need anything more tactical than that, lol.

Just an upgrade on my old franchi phoenix.

I understand what you’re saying, but…

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At least that blaser is a semi-automatic, not pretending to be one…

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2 tubes is not a semi. Well, maybe in WA :smiley:

That’s purdy :nerd_face::+1: