Show us your guns.

Top is a Browning BL-22, next one down is a T3 Varmint .204 with a muzzle brake on it and at the bottom is a T3 Lite .30-06 with the yellow tape over the barrel.

That will do me, covers everything.

All left hand action except for BL-22.

these are the ones I got today…

What’s the lever action one? Look like old classic rifles.

DSC_0157-640x360 IMG_1789
Heres some of my others :+1:

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Its a Martini Enfield .303

Nice collection there.

That second last one from the bottom, above Carcano, it looks old and cracked. You should give it to me.

thanks mate, got a fair few others too but not really got pics of them all. Its good sometimes I open a safe and get a surprise, like I don;t remember that one, lol!

I love that feeling.

Already did, if I remember correctly and AusTac will pipe in soon to point out he now has one of those shotguns too…

I meant the Arisaka, not Carcano :slight_smile:

cant, never kknow when I’ll need to shoot down a plane!

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So, any pics of your guns?

I actually don’t shoot yet. I have a firearms licence, but waiting on first PTA.

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You’ve been on Enough Gun for a couple of years now and you still don’t have a gun? Strange.

I like guns though, I shoot @GUN-DMC rifles sometimes, when we are at the range. Ones I shot @Brett gun, but it was a .22. I am working up to something around 223 soon, so I don’t develop a flinch.

Some stuff I have on my phone… Probably need to take some pics of some cooler milsurps I have.

Remington 12A 22LR - first closed breach pump action design. However, it now belongs to a lovely young lady, who’ll get a lot more fun from it than me.

Project gun, Winchester pump '06. Allmost done. Soon to be duracoated. I really like this old bolt cocking hammer design. Not very practical but has a lot of charm. An actual production run of Browning’s pump action design, while they (both Brownings) worked for Winchester. That is, THE first pump action.

Alfa, 22LR - she loves being touched by most people on this forum. Now has a red dot. @Brett you should get one :slight_smile:

Browning x-bolt 223 for hunting. Laser beam as long as the shooter does his part, which he almost always does unless there’s a freaking terminator fox in the area.

Another project gun. Bought a dud, but almost finished now. Need to cut bigger relief under the Magpul forend and fix magazine latch. Remington - never again! Seriously, never again!

Henry classic carbine in 357 with oct. barrel. goes very well with my pimp hat with a feather.

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I have the same BL-22, I had Skinner peep sights on it, now scope, but I am putting peep sight back on and re-purposing the scope for something else. One of the fastest, most awesome 22s I have shot. Quick loader is well worth it for it.

Half of the collection…

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Soon… Soooooonnnn… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: