Show us your doggos!

Well ive had enough gh of polishing knives and cleaning shit but not tired of JD so here’s a new thread to chew on.
#love my heelers


@Pogmahon I do love the number plate on the 80 and 100 series.

I had that 80 for 10+ years and only recently got rid of her… The 100 is a great rig but i still miss the old girl

Day 2, hoomans suspect nothing.

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Ol’ Jimmy dog 20 and still kicking!

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The seven secret breeds and spices dog that i found as a pup wandering around in a NP

The old choc lab. The little bloke has given her a new lease on life

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My American bulldog bitch. Gets both city/beach life and farm life. Lucky girl…

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Looks like you don’t feed that bulldog enough, lol!

P.S. Gandma’s baby. Lol. A real cuttie

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Here are my reloading buddies, all are the cooks except for the last one, she is mine.

The cat who likes to sleep in the case feeder is a PITA when you want to use the press.

You know when they say dogs resemble their owners… That’s totally you @Oldbloke

…cute and fluffy hehehe

There’s an organic remedy for that, apparently it works really well.


Nothing like me. Got hair. Lol

Given that Lead is a naturally occurring element, I figure it would be a “Natural” way to pass on to the next world.

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My lovely girl.