Show us your 22s

Ok so it’s a Lyman, says it right on the back lol

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Took the words out of my mouth…

Such a dark photo too, I’ll take another tomorrow when there is some sun.

How many cycles of jizz has it had between arival and now ?

It’s beautiful, can’t wait to shoot it


Junk, should have gotten a target Sprotco martini in 22LR instead.

Even using a 500 round brick would be cheaper than sighting in almost anything else

My BSA 1215 Martini .22 outshoots my 39A any day.

:man_facepalming: “out shoot” - shoots implies you have more than one round :laughing:

Added this to the collection.
Remington 572 Fieldmaster.
Vintage Japanese Nikko Striling x4 Scope.
Nicely made, timber is nice.


Me again, you guys need to lift. Latest acquisition,
Ruger 96/22. I’d been on the fence about one of these for a while but a tidy example came up.
Took it to the range today, functions very nicely. Only put 100 rounds through to function test and give it a basic sight in.

Swapped out for a reflex sight, gives it a bit of an M1 Carbine vibe


Booootiful. I love the reflex sight look a lot more than scope on this one.

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Great fun gun!! They were pretty pricey at one point…like $2k almost!!

Yeah they got a bit ridiculous on price at one point. But they finally plateaued a bit in price then went back down.
Milsurps have done the same thing since Covid. Prices have steadied a bit.


So not exactly a new 22, to me or in general, but i did have a spare matching scope and it does have a groved receiver…

Quick test fit… I like it.

I wonder how a little red dot would look on it :thinking: (gets ready for mob with pitchforks)


Forget the pitchforks…Please kindly escort yourself to the woodchipper.

Oh and that looks bloody good BTW.

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It matches, it looks period.

So on a whim I started a new project.

I got one of these

PWS Summit, Toggle action .22

And I turned it into this

It’s an homage


If you know , you know.

It’s called “ The B- Team”


I love it when a plan comes together.

I hope that doesn’t mean you have to shoot like them? After years of episodes and millions of rounds they never hit anything lol.

Even as a kid, I questioned how did they end up in so many gunfights and never so much as injured anyone.